A Prayer For Our Nation
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A Prayer For Our Nation

God We Need You

A Prayer For Our Nation

It is only us who can change the position our country is in.

Dear God,

"We come to you today broken by , exhaustion, racism, hatred, greed, and nothing less then pure evil. we come to you on our knees, watching this beautiful world you have built for us crumble around us slowly at a steady pace each day."

We lift this country up to you today, in hopes that you can only forgive us for a small portion of the sin we commit each day. We pray that you pour out your blessings and glory on us once again.

We know that we are sinners, saved by your grace. we know we have had many, many, many faults, and will continue to have them, but you still come running after us time, after time again. Even when we know we don't deserve it.

For I ask that You bring this nation back into your arms, and swaddle us with your relentless love.

We know people of this country including me are oppressed, but not just in our country, also around the world. We know our "problems "aren't so great when we step back and put them in perspective instead of over reacting.

We know you have a plan for each of our lives. That your plans are to prosper us and give us a hope and a future.

We know that the road may be longer than we expect, and we know sometimes it's easy to get down on ourselves, but we pray you fill us with strength, and comfort us in our times of sorrow.

we pray that you make our speech intentional, and make our actions filled with love, and compassion for our fellow man.

We pray that you don't let us try to solve our own problems using hatred or anger, but that you'll inspire us to be the light in the darkness in everything we do. not only individually, but together as a country.

Only you are able to change the state our country is in. Only you can make this Country, much less this world "GREAT AGAIN."

We lift these words up to you in hopes you'll provide us with and open heart to all of your children.


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