8 Of God's Promises To Lean On When Your World Seems To Be Falling Apart

We all get overwhelmed, afraid, lonely, stressed, and sometimes even sad - but in those times, there are promises for us to lean on. Not just any promises, either, promises from God - showing us we shouldn't ever give up.

1. He will fight for you

Every day. Every minute. Be still, He has got this.

2. He will give you strength

He picks us back up, every single time we fall.

3. He will protect you

He walks with us, keeping us safe. How incredible.

4. He will never leave you

We face nothing alone, He is always there.

5. He has plans for you

How awesome is it that He has everything planned out for us?

6. He will forgive you

He never quite gives up on us, there is always a second chance (or third, tenth, hundredth).

7. He will sustain you

He keeps us going, even when we feel like we can't go any further.

8. He will never stop loving you

There is nothing more incredible than the infinite love that He has for sinners like us, and if that isn't something worth remembering...I don't know what is.

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