Godly Friendships

Godly Friendships

I am too valuable to have to forfeit who God created in order to forge friendships out of necessity.

I want true friendship — not just the titles and social media posts, but love-centered, Christ pleasing interactions with people who I genuinely care about and who genuinely care about me. I want to be able to hang out with someone without feeling out of place or inadequate. This feeling of inadequacy can be in terms of romantic interest or of social standing or of worldly gains. I am too valuable to have to forfeit who God created in order to forge friendships out of necessity. I am loved deeply by my Creator, my family and my church. That is enough.

When pursuing new friendships, I will pray fervently for the person. I will put both the interests of my heart and theirs at the forefront of any decisions made to get to know one another. If it is a boy, I will remember that he is being prepared for his wife by the same God who prepares me for my husband. I will trust His guidance and the discernment of my parents and mentors to guide my decisions. I will not make him uncomfortable or allow myself to be put in uncomfortable situations. I will strive to love like Christ — unconditionally, while also protecting my own heart. If it is a girl, I will treasure her for the person God has made. I will not judge based on appearance, background or any other worldly factors. I will cherish the time I spend with her in order to grow spiritually or to help her in her growth. If she isn't a believer or struggles with her faith, I will be patient and loving but protect my heart and soul from the lost tendencies in her heart. I will acknowledge that this sinful nature exists in me, but I will rejoice in and respect the amazing sacrifice given to rid my heart of darkness. I will love like Christ — unconditionally, while also protecting my own heart.

As a Godly friend, I will:
…be friendly to everyone.
…show grace to those still lost in sin.
…respect the decisions of parents, whether mine or theirs.
…reflect on my heart in a relationship.
…ask for feedback from mentors on my behavior, thoughts, etc.
…strive to please Jesus in every situation.
…be a light in a dark place.
…pray for those in my circles, whether I consider us close or not.
…love unconditionally while protecting my own heart.
…remember that the greatest friend is already enthralled with me and does everything for me to be His.

"Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony." - Colossians 3:12-14
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To The Dad Who Didn't Want Me, It's Mutual Now

Thank you for leaving me because I am happy.

Thank you, for leaving me.

Thank you, for leaving me when I was little.

Thank you, for not putting me through the pain of watching you leave.

Thank you, for leaving me with the best mother a daughter could ask for.

I no longer resent you. I no longer feel anger towards you. I wondered for so long who I was. I thought that because I didn't know half of my blood that I was somehow missing something. I thought that who you were defined me. I was wrong. I am my own person. I am strong and capable and you have nothing to do with that. So thank you for leaving me.

In my most vulnerable of times, I struggled with the fact that you didn't want me. You could have watched me grow into the person that I have become, but you didn't. You had a choice to be in my life. I thought that the fact that my own father didn't want me spoke to my own worth. I was wrong. I am so worthy. I am deserving, and you have nothing to do with that. So thank you for leaving me.

You have missed so much. From my first dance to my first day of college, and you'll continue to miss everything. You won't see me graduate, you won't walk me down the aisle, and you won't get to see me follow my dreams. You'll never get that back, but I don't care anymore. What I have been through, and the struggles that I have faced have brought me to where I am today, and I can't complain. I go to a beautiful school, I have the best of friends, I have an amazing family, and that's all I really need.

Whoever you are, I hope you read this. I hope you understand that you have missed out on one of the best opportunities in your life. I could've been your daughter. I could have been your little girl. Now I am neither, nor will I ever be.

So thank you for leaving me because I am happy. I understand my self-worth, and I understand that you don't define me. You have made me stronger. You have helped make me who I am without even knowing it.

So, thank you for leaving me.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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To The Best Friend Every Girl Should Be Blessed Enough To Have

You definitely deserve all the love.


I have not written this letter, but it has been on my list of "to write" for forever. She keeps asking when I will write one about her and every time I tell her, soon.

Well here it is. The truth on why it took so long? No words seem to do everything justice. No matter how I put them or how I want them to sound, the page always makes them look weird and they always sound lame.

But finally, here it is. Best friend, this one is for you.

First and foremost I will start with a holy cow. We have been best friends for only a short time because who knew your "in school friend" from all those math classes would actually turn into this? We put off hanging out outside of school for years, and finally, after suffering through all that algebra we decided enough was enough.

I wish we had sooner.

I wish I had gotten more time with you before we both moved away to college - but ill take whatever time I get with you because well… you're incredible.

Thank you.

Thank you for finally agreeing to hang out with me.

Thank you for listening to every rant ever - whether it was a paragraph long text, a 2 hour FaceTime call or an hour-long car ride.

Thank you for ordering planners with me and spending nights decorating them with me (we are such losers).

Thank you for letting me become a part of your family.

Thank you for going to Friendly's, IHOP and Target at the most ungodly hours.

Thank you for encouraging me in everything I do, and stopping me from making bad decisions.

Thank you for telling me the truth, despite if it hurt me or not, I know now you will never lie about your feelings towards someone (LOL).

Basically, thank you for everything you have done for me. You have made me a better person and you encourage me to be my best self every single day.

Moving on I want to make it clear how incredibly proud of you I am. I love getting texts from you about your love for your classes, and how you want to be president of this club and president of that. How you help out kids, and how you host events. I love hearing about your major and the classes you are so incredibly excited to take. Watching you be so passionate about what you are doing and becoming makes me want to feel the same way in everything I do.

I hope someday my kids are your students because, in your hands, I know they can change the world.

Last but not least, I love you. And you're stuck with me.


Your forever number one fan

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