It can be extremely hard to look at the news media in today's world. Every day it seems as if there is more death, crime and destruction. Some people look at the stories, shake their heads and wonder how there could possibly be a God who could let all of this happen.

I'll be the first to admit, it can be hard to believe there is an all powerful being up there who has the ability to stop all this pain. However, as I have written before, I believe God has a reason for why all these bad things happen.

So where do I see God in today's world?

I see Him in my parents when they get to spend time with me and a smile is wide across their faces.

I see Him in the mountains that surround the beautiful Hudson Valley.

I see Him in the signs of a changing season.

I see Him in people grabbing boxes full of food to give to local food kitchens when it gets close to Thanksgiving.

I see Him in the people protesting to show that Black Lives Matter.

I see Him in the way a new mother holds her baby for the first time.

I see Him in prayer services' after awful things like 9/11, the Paris attacks and the Boston bombings.

I see Him in the elderly couple who are holding hands on the side walk.

I see Him in the sunrise and sunset.

I see Him in the light of a wife's eyes as her husband comes home from deployment.

I see Him when I am laughing until tears run down my face while I'm with my group of friends.

I see Him when I finish a project I have been working on for awhile.

I see Him in the stranger who pays for another stranger's coffee just because.

I see Him in the face of the man playing the drums and singing in the middle of the subway in New York City.

I see Him in the look of a child's face on Christmas Eve when they talk about Santa.

I see Him in looks on anyone's face when ice cream comes to the table.

I see Him when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.

As I said in the beginning, in today's world, sometimes it can be hard to believe there is a God. However, a lot of people today fail to look. God is everywhere and with us in good and bad times and bad. We just have to remember to walk by faith, not by sight.