I'm SO Glad That God Took People Out Of My Life That I Thought Were Good For Me
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I'm SO Glad That God Took People Out Of My Life That I Thought Were Good For Me

God's plan.

I'm SO Glad That God Took People Out Of My Life That I Thought Were Good For Me

She was your best friend. He was the man of your dreams. She was the sister you never had. He was going to be your best man.

But that all changed...

Ever find that the person in your life who you thought you could ALWAYS count on just disappeared? Or vanished? Or maybe they backstabbed you, spat on you and walked out of your life forever.

The relationship that you valued so much is gone forever and you continually find yourself asking God, "Why? Why did you have to take that away from me?"

Sometimes the relationships we foresee as the 'best' can guide us down slippery paths of temptation. Or maybe those relationships lead us to self-destruction and breaking points.

Losing a friend, a trustworthy companion, and a confidant inevitably will cause some heartbreak.

While it's okay to mourn the loss of a relationship, we also may need to realize that it's part of God's plan.

Consider one of your friends who has been in a toxic relationship before at some point in their life... When God led them astray from the manipulation and pain that their partner inflicted upon them, I bet you were grateful that God led them to freedom. And now your friend is out there confidently living his or her life and full of absolute joy while doing so.

As we go through life, our paths will cross, intertwine, and weave through many different people. Connections we make might last your whole life or they might thrive for only a season of your life.

It's time to trust that God works for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28) and in the loss of a particular relationship, He might be rescuing us from a disaster waiting to happen.

He's got a plan, He's got a purpose, and He's got a mission.

So let yourself grieve for awhile and then ask yourself how you can grow from the situation at hand. What might God be teaching you during this season? Is it forgiveness? Is it surrendering your pride? Is it patience?

Maybe it's something else, but whatever it is there's a reason behind it. God is all-knowing and even though we may not understand it right now, His purpose might be revealed to us later in life.

Trust that just as God puts certain people in our life for a reason, He also takes certain people of our life just the same. All we can do is love and move on.

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