God Has A Plan

God Has A Plan

God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand His wisdom, but we simply have to trust His will. - Psalm 37:5


Lately my stress has been at an all-time high. Anxiety has taken full force, and my body hasn’t felt anything but worry for quite some time. Tears have had a frozen appearance on my face as they are a daily occurrence. Growing up triggers so many emotions for so many unknown reasons.

I am a planner. Every since I can remember, I have planned everything out. When I say everything, I mean it right down to the clothes I plan to wear and the food I plan to eat -- a week from now. Sticky notes and yearly planners are a staple in my life. My weekend agenda must be planned out by Wednesday, or I begin to panic. When I am unable to plan all of this out, my life tends to take a turn for the worse through my eyes. However, God’s eyes see something else.

God can see into my future. He is all-knowing. Choosing a college to attend -- God planned that. Marrying the man of my dreams -- God planned that. Accepting my first teaching job -- God planned that. How many children I’ll have -- God knows the plan to that. Where I’ll live the rest of my life -- God knows the plan for that. All of the life events I’ll have among the ones mentioned above, God has already planned out. No one will ever plan more than God Himself, but understanding God’s plan is another story in itself.

Understanding God’s plan sometimes seems impossible. I will never know why He gave someone I love so much cancer. I will never know why He planned for a loved one of mine to go through a divorce. I will never know why, but I must learn to trust in God. He truly does give His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. It may seem unfair, but God is guiding them along the path as a part of His plan. God is the greatest gift of all, and we must learn to trust in Him. He has a plan. His plan is great. His plan is the path we are meant to travel.

The stress, anxiety, and tears that have taken over my body are being released today. They are being released because I am deciding to trust in God’s plan. Growing up and facing challenges are all a part of God’s plan for my life. God is wonderful; therefore, His plan for me will be wonderful as well.

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