God Desires A Covenant, Not A Contract

And boy is that humbling and so inspiring.

Megan Aaron

You sign a contract to rent a house. You hand over a down deposit, pay a monthly fee, and in turn get a house. You sign a contract when you want something expensive and it requires a fee every now and then till you pay it off and it's all yours. Even some relationships look like contracts, you give a little something for a little something. But that's not how Christ intended relationships. He desires your heart body and soul, and in return, He gives you His entire self. It's everything for everything. No occasional monthly fee. Just all of everything at once.

He gave us His one and only beloved son for you and He continues to give of His full self in the sacrament of the Eucharist at mass every Sunday. Saying "Amen" before receiving Him in the Eucharist is your agreement of this covenant He so greatly desires with you. That "Amen" is you saying, "yes Christ, I give you everything. My full self. Brokenness and all. Everything I do and everything I am, is for you." And when He hears that He is so so pleased.

That same altar that you say "Amen" before as you renew your covenant with Christ in the Eucharist, is the same altar you stand before own your wedding day and vow a covenant with your spouse. Your whole self, for his whole self. The sanctity of marriage and the reason we, as Christians, believe in saving sex for marriage. That act in itself is the stamp on that covenant you made earlier that day on the altar.

Contracts are temporary, measured, and allotted. Covenants are constant and all-encompassing promises. God desires a covenant with you. Every day and in every one of your relationships. That's why we so badly crave authentic, vulnerable, and real relationships. Deep down we were intrinsically created for covenants and boy is that so humbling and inspiring.

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