My New Goals That Do Not Include Grades
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My New Goals That Do Not Include Grades

Spring 2019: new year, new semester, new goals. Same questions, better answers.


As my second semester of Junior year has quickly rolled around, I'm realizing that my time as an undergraduate and young adult is flying by. Over winter break, the infamous questioning by family members about graduation, career plans, and job aspirations was an experience that I, as I'm sure many others, got all too familiar with. In this time of questioning and answering, I began to realize that my answer was starting to get so… typical.

"I'm loving my classes and I'm involved in great organizations… I want to move to a big city and work with a firm I'm familiar with… I'd love to travel for about a year after graduation…" and so on it went.

Maybe some people actually want that type of answer. But I think we're asking the wrong questions, or maybe I'm just giving the wrong answer.

"Enjoy it while it lasts," "there's nothing like undergrad," they say. And that is the exact mindset I want to have as I go into my last year and a half of school.

And so I'm making a list of goals for this semester. These goals don't include grades, career plans, or graduation plans, because although those are important things, they're not the most important.

Here's what I have so far:

Be more present.

If nothing else, I hope to be all there wherever I am. I want to give my friends and family the time that they deserve, enjoying every moment and memory.

Put more energy into being happy.

Wasting my time on any negative energy is not something I'll be doing. I want to choose being happy and never let myself succumb to anger, pettiness, or negative feelings.

Find comfort in being uncomfortable.

By this, I mean that I want to push myself and be comfortable with doing what is unordinary for me.

Live like we're young.

This is so cliche, I know. But, as many people have told me, you're only young once. So, this semester and further on, I want to live with no regrets. I want to live a life full of giggles, late nights, delicious food, and saying "yes" to as many opportunities as I can.

All goals are realistic and the only one holding me back from happiness and success is myself. When I think about all the people who believe in me and want nothing but the best for me, I am inspired to live a life that makes me happy and brings happiness to others.

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