In Your Feelings About Your Ex? Here Are 6 Gnash Songs That Can Help With That
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In Your Feelings About Your Ex? Here Are 6 Gnash Songs That Can Help With That

Come be the newest member of the broken hearts club.

In Your Feelings About Your Ex? Here Are 6 Gnash Songs That Can Help With That

If you don't know who Gnash is, he's a singer who kind of has a similar style to Blackbear. He has three EP's so far and a full-length album that's coming out in January.

I've seen him twice live now, both of those times with All Time Low. The first time, I wasn't really paying attention, but at the end of the second time, he played a song called "T-Shirt," which caught my attention.

Ever since the second time I saw him, I was hooked and I've been listening to pretty much all of his songs. Most of them are about breakups and feelings and let's be honest, sometimes we all need to hear those songs.

If you need a song to get over your ex, or just want to wallow in your feelings, then here are ___ Gnash songs to help you do so.

1. t-shirt

This is the song that sold me over and made me a Gnash fan. "t-shirt" is about the downfall of a relationship and how all Gnash has left is a t-shirt, hence the name of the song. But, the catch is that Gnash can't get over said relationship because the t-shirt reminds him of what once was. Sound familiar to you? Yep, that's why this song won me over, too.

2. i hate u, i love u (featuring Olivia O'Brien)


This song is probably the one that people are most familiar with. It's been on quite a few radio stations, and it's Gnash's most streamed song to date with over 738-million streams. "i hate u, i love u" is about missing someone so badly after a break up and wanting to be the new person that your ex fell in love with, but also reminding yourself that breakups are normal, and it's important to embrace your feelings if you ever want closure.

3. imagine if

Have you ever had any regrets about breaking up with someone? If you answered yes to that question, "imagine if" is the song for you, especially if you want to re-visit all those feelings you closed off.

4. the broken hearts club

Sometimes, finding someone who can relate to what you're going through is the easiest and quickest way to get over a breakup, and that's what "the broken hearts club" is about. In this club, Gnash finds people who can sympathize with him and numb his pain.

5. feelings fade

If you need a song to remind you that people change and nothing lasts forever, this song is for you. If you need a song to prove that you can live without some despite having a broken heart, this song is for you. "feelings fade" will have you in tears, so make sure to have those tissues ready.

6. Leave a Message 

"Leave a Message" is an older song, but it's still a good one to add to your breakup playlist. Realizing that a person is truly gone forever can take some time, but when it does hit you, you'll feel all the emotions at once.

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