In my opinion, the election has so many people angry and in bad places. There are so many angry and hateful posts. I feel like everyone is fighting with one another and social media feels so dark. In an attempt to lift political tension among people and brighten things up, I wanted to share my very favorite glitter products. I may be the only one who feels this way, but when things get tough or dark, glitter always makes me feel better.

1. Urban Decay Moondust Palette

Before you even open this palette, the packaging itself is a grey glitter with “Moondust” carved into the top with a mirror finish. When I saw that, I knew this was a pallet I had to have. This palette features 8 shades. None of the shades are new, however, they are all in one palette now for the celebration of Urban Decay’s 20th Anniversary. If you aren’t familiar with the Moondust shadows, they are beautiful, pigmented glitter shadows that are actually surprisingly wearable. You can wear these shadows wet or dry. I like to take some of the shades and put them on top of my crazier lipstick colors just for some extra sparkle. This palette is $49.00 (yes I know that’s a little steep) at both Sephora and Ulta. This is actually my favorite palette. The colors make it so easy to make anything more sparkly!

2. LipSense Moisturizing Gloss in the shade Gold Glitter

This is the only LipSense product I have tried, but I can honestly say I love it. This gloss has more glitter than I’ve ever seen in a gloss before. You get .25 oz. of product per tube for $20. That may seem a bit steep but this is a very functional gloss. It is more of a clear shade that packs a ton of sparkle. I use this on it’s own, I use it on top of other lip products and sometimes I mix it with pigment to put on top of my lips. This is a product you will have to purchase from a LipSense Rep or from the website.

3. MAC Pigment

Not all MAC pigments are glittery, but they have several shades that are. Any of the pigments that fall in the Pearl, Frost or Metal category of their pigments will have a shimmery/sparkly look. Kitschmas has been a long time favorite shade of mine. It is a pink-silver shade that is subtle until the light hits and then it is a very bold sparkle. I have used Kitschmas for everything makeup. I have used it for eye shadow, highlighter on the lips and cheeks, eyeliner and more various things. They cost $22 per bottle, but you will never run out. These are very pigmented so it takes very little product to reach your desired result.

4. Redken Color Rebel Glitter Hairspray

As someone who loves both glitter and big hair, this spray is a must! This hairspray is awesome for concerts or anytime you want your hair to be more exciting than usual. It doesn’t add much as far as hold or volume but it does add an impressive amount of glitter! I have seen these range from $18-$20 in price and you can buy them nearly anywhere Redken products are sold.