Since 2009, Glee has touched the hearts of many.

The show inspired kids of all ages to strive for what they want, taught the "play-it-safe" people like me to step out of the comfort zone, invited everyone of every identity to celebrate themselves and their friends, and many more.

I was always the black sheep everywhere I went, but Glee reminded me that one day I would meet the right people who would celebrate me and encourage me to stand out!

However, we can't talk about Glee without talking about the music!

Glee always found the perfect ways to tell a great story through song while featuring vocal superstars such as Rachel Berry.

Some of the Glee covers were so good that they may even be better than the originals!

Here are a few of the Glee covers I believe to be better than the originals. Let's get it on!

1. Don't Stop Believing

Justification: Journey is absolutely amazing, but there's something about the key of the Glee version, the liveliness in all the students, and Acapella is the way to go!

2. Hot Patootie/Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?

Justification: Uncle Jesse. That's it. That's the whole point.

3. Rolling in the Deep

Justification: The fact that Jesse was actually there singing with Rachel added to the dramatic tone of the song. Also, the key the cover was in gave it a somber, eerie quality. I found the Glee cover conveyed the message of the song better than Adele's solo performance.

4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Justification: Finn changed the song up and sang it for Santana who was afraid of people finding out she was gay. Slowing the song down and turning it into a song of empowerment and emotional support showed how much Finn cared about everyone in Glee.

5. Mine

Justification: Brittana. That's it. That's the whole point.

6. Seasons of Love

Justification: This was the first song featured in episode 3 of the 5th season, which was the episode that addressed Finn/Cory's death. It reminds us not to measure our days by how old we are, how productive we are at work or how successful we are. We should measure our lives by the amount of love we give to those around us because we never know when our last day with our loved ones will be.

7. Landslide

Justification: Santana added a whole new layer of emotion to this already amazing song. She was afraid of coming out and being judged by the whole school the way Kurt was, but she was also afraid of losing Brittany. She didn't know how to express any of these things verbally, but using the performing arts to express one's emotions definitely helps. I do the exact same thing with my comedy.

8. Super Bass

Justification: Sue Sylvester rapping Nicki Minaj in a neon wig. Who can top that?

9. Some Nights

Justification: The song is about discovering who you are and being lost, which is pretty much high school in a nutshell. There's just something about the way everyone in Glee came together, loved one another and harmonized beautifully that makes me gravitate towards the cover more than the original.

10. Sweet Transvestite

Justification: Even though the song was originally made to be sung by a queer male, Mercedes just knows how to take any song of any genre and revamp it until it's 10 times better than the original. Mercedes is absolutely sensational just like her rendition of Frankenfurter!

11. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Justification: Other than the key change and overall message of the song, it was a way to honor Finn/Corey through his favorite song. Sometimes, no matter how much someone accomplishes in their life, they still feel lost or like they're still unable to find true satisfaction. This can push people to do things that can destroy them mentally and physically. Sadly, that's what happened to Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson, but we will never forget the legacy he left. R.I.P. Finn/Corey. We will always love you!

I know there will be a few people who will strongly disagree with this article, but their opinions don't bring me Glee.