Gizzy The Guide Dog's Very First Christmas Wish List
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Gizzy The Guide Dog's Very First Christmas Wish List

A PSA About Service Dogs

Gizzy The Guide Dog's Very First Christmas Wish List
Elyse Snyder

Dear Santa,

Hello! My name is Gizzy. I am a dog. A guide dog actually!

My human’s sister is helping me to write my very first Christmas Wish List! I’m very excited! Thanks Auntie!

So, first off, I would like my old wooby toy back. My human got me a new one, and it just doesn't have the same smell as my old one! I put lots of hard work into my wooby making it smell extra special, and he traded it for one with no smell! Ugh!

Secondliest, oh this is the most important one! I should have started here! I would like to request a new special invisibility harness.

The thing is, Santa, my human can’t see, so I see for him! He lost his eyes before I was even born, in some place across the world called Afghanistan.

I guide him around all sorts of places. We are always out and about for travels! We go through airports, malls, even New York City! The Big Apple, Santa! We even met the precedence in the big white house, twice!

My problem is, Santa, I was born with a recessive gene that made me a long haired shepherd! I don't know what that means, but I hear my human say it a lot to strangers who want to pet me. A lot of people want to pet me! My human’s sister tells me I am the most beautiful dog ever, but those are her words, not mine!

Anyways, everywhere that me and my human, Brad, go, people always stop us to ask about me and touch me. But Santa, I am a working dog! I can’t focus when other humans hands are in my face! Then neither my human or I can see!

The other day in the mall, my human was trying to order a strombolli and a lady interrupted us to ask about where I'm from. My human lost his place in line! I’ll tell you Santa, we don’t want my human to get hangry.

Anyway, my favorite peoples movie is the one with the wizards, you know where they go learn magic and stuffs? You know the one Santa. Anyway, I was watching with my human once and I saw the wizard, I think Fuzzy was his name, no no no, that's not right. It was Hairy! He got this cloak where he was invisible underneath it! So cool!

I would like to request a guide dog harness that does this too. I’m not sure where to order it, so I thought best to write to the big man himself.

Please Santa, I’d really like this harness because people always distract me from my work, and I take my guide dog work very seriously. I have a harness now that is camouflage, I think my human was thinking along the same lines when he got me that. But I would like to go one step further with the invisibility harness, I think it will help my human get safely from one place to another if people can't see me.

But when my human takes off my invisibility harness people will know they can play with me! I love playing, playing is my favorite! Other than working, that's my favorite too.

Anyways, thank you for you time Santa! Good luck this Christmas, if any of the reindeer go out of commission you know where to find me!



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