When You Give A Girl A Panhellenic Sister

When You Give A Girl A Panhellenic Sister

25 things she gained after she ran home on bid day.

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Some of us knew since elementary school that we wanted to be in a sorority; some of us didn't realize it until a semester into college. Some of us follow our mother's footsteps, and some of us become the first sorority woman in our family. We all have different backgrounds, and we all manage to fit together somehow. We are all bonded by one simple thing: sisterhood. When you give a girl a panhellenic sis, this is what she will gain.

1. She will gain knowledge of upcoming beauty trends (whether they be a complete disaster or not).

2. She will receive support before she even knew she needed it.

3. She will gain memories, and will repeatedly share her memories with you (whether you want to hear them or not).

4. She will have numerous closets to raid.

5. She will have a personal doctor at her doorstep.

6. She will receive love and be taught how to love others.

7. She will gain a personal trainer or a couch potato (same thing).

8. She will be motivated to reach her dreams.

9. She will have a repair man. (Yes, sorority women know how to use a drill.)

10. She will gain knowledge of other perspectives and be motivated to think outside the box.

11. She will have a personal "seat saver."

12. She will gain a public relations helper (or in other words, someone to tell her not to tweet that outrageous thought).

13. She will have a personal photographer.

14. She will receive a family away from home (overused, but true).

15. She will gain knowledge of other cultures.

16. She will obtain experiences that she will literally cherish forever.

17. She will receive the push she needs to grow up.

18. She will learn how to give back.

19. She will learn how to deal with the "bad times".

20. She will always have someone to call at 2 am.

21. She will gain the patience to sit through a 2-hour meeting.

22. She will learn how to sing songs and chant chants (and lose her voice doing it).

23. She will gain friendships even outside her chapter house.

24. She will learn how to dress snappy and casual simultaneously.

25. She will learn the sadness of having to say goodbye her senior year.

But most of all, she will gain a forgiving, memory creating and adored, sisterhood.

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