Football season is en route for the 2019-2020 season. I'm a Packers fan so I'm pretty happy so far since we're 2-0. I have been a fan of sports for as long as I can remember, especially NFL football. I play fantasy football, I spend my Sunday's on the couch or in my bed watching football from noon to 10 p.m or I'll be at the sports bar I work at enjoying the games from there.

As many would say, watching sports is a guy thing but in my case... it's my thing and I'm a girl. I am going to school to be a sideline reporter for a professional sports team anyways. Being a girl who loves her football as much as she loves food can be pretty annoying sometimes and here's why.

1. Guys will explain what's happening to you

"So you see how he got over that yellow line on TV? That means they got a first down."

"Yeah... I know."

No need to explain anything. Don't underestimate me... I can sometimes even call plays before they even happen.

2. People think we like football to impress guys

If I wanted to impress a guy, I'd make sure to walk out in a football jersey with no pants on and my makeup perfect... but you can catch me on Sunday in my pajamas, my favorite Green Bay shirt and my hair in a bun munching on pizza. I actually do enjoy football. No need to fake like it to make a guy interested in me.

3. You can't sit and watch with your girlfriends because they don't care like you do

While they're watching "The Bachelor" in the other room, I'll be watching Monday Night Football in mine.

4. Getting to know a guy who doesn't like football like you do

There have been a few guys I've gotten to know who don't really care to watch sports or football. Now who am I really supposed to watch football with?

5. The apparel for women

I really don't want a bedazzled v-neck shirt that says "Go Pack Go!" on it or a pink sparkly jersey. You should wear your team's colors proudly.

6. Sometimes guys don't take you seriously

So I like football and that automatically makes me fake and seeking attention from men. Maybe they're just intimidated that I might know more about football than they do?

7. If you can't answer every question you're asked, you're not a true fan

If you ask me the full roster of the Packers, I know I can't name them all. I can name a lot, but not all. And that shouldn't define if I'm a true football fan.

Of course, being a female football fan does come with its pros too. But in the end, if you're a girl like me who bleeds football (especially the green and gold), just turn the stereotype off that girls don't care about sports. If you need me, I'll be checking my fantasy team or watching football from my couch.