It was freshman year of college, I had just gone through what I thought was a heartbreak. I started the night drinking with friends, one-shot lead to three shots which turned into me not remembering what I drank. More people had started to come over and everyone was drinking... a lot. I remember talking to this boy, I was happy because I couldn’t help but think “man why is this cute boy talking to me. I’m so out of his league.”

One minute turned to 20 minutes and that turned into us going to a room upstairs. I was okay with what was going to happen next. I knew what was happening next. When we finished I went downstairs and kept drinking; by that time I started to black out. I remember walking upstairs to go lay in a bed but after that, I have gaps in my memory. I remember being woken up too this sharp pain in my lower body. I woke up with someone I had considered a friend inside of me. I blacked out eventually; just frozen in that time I felt like I couldn’t talk or move. The next time I woke was when (it still pains me to say this), I woke up with someone not only inside me, but I also had someone in my mouth.

I passed out one last time and this time lasted until the morning. I woke up remembering what had just happened. I couldn’t tell anyone; who would believe me when they are big-time athletes at our school?

This experience destroyed me for 2 years. I finally have talked to someone about it and I am getting past all the emotions and pain this brought. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you wear — it is not your fault, and you are still worthy of love.