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It’s 2018, So Please Stop shaming other girls

A response to an article,"To The Ladies: Put Some Clothes On!"

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Nikki Anderson

When I first read an article titled, "To The Ladies: Put Some Clothes On!" I was genuinely very upset.

The article expressed that girl's boyfriends won't approve of them, parents won't approve of them based on what they wear and that they can't be surprised because they brought it upon themselves.

What upset me the most was not what was said but that the article was written by a female in college.

Someone who most likely has been exposed to instances on the news and on a college campus of Sexual harassment, rape, blatant disregard for the female thoughts, and undermining of females with powerful careers.

She states, "Don't expect to have a lasting relationship when you dress like you aren't in one."

That actually stung that someone thinks this way about relationships and specifically about other females.

Since the start of 2018 I have seen all over social media and from my friends that it is "The Year Of The Woman." And let me tell you, I was so excited to hear this.

It finally felt like the equal rights movement was making tremendous headway and all types of open conversations were being held.

After all, the whole point and drive of this movement was just to be treated fairly right? I don't hear anyone walking around saying 'Put on a real shirt!' and 'Maybe don't dress so slutty then.' Being said to guys. Ever.

So I ask this girl, why is you saying "You can wear what you want; it is your body. But don't expect your boyfriend to approve." okay?

What about the phrase "you can wear what you want," something we say over and over again to women to build their confidence and self love, sound like something you can say as a cover up for shaming girls on what they want to wear and post?

Trust me when I say that I respect other's opinions and that they are entitled to them. I do not, however, respect girls who shame other girls. Simple as that.

In June of 2018 social media is no longer just a platform built to share things with your friends, it now largely is used to open conversations and affect change.

Talking positively about other women and making them feel validated without the "Approval" of their boyfriend, family, and friends is what we should be and have been trying to instill in women and in the younger generations growing up.

Things are tough enough socially still being a woman, especially one of color, or a minority. Cam't we just play nice?

So this is what I say to the girl who wrote the article: I hope you take the time to sit down and talk with people of different views from you often, I think you'd be very surprised to get to know these girls who happens to post the photo on your instagram feed and "in the middle of all the vacation photos is one of a girl in little to no clothes."

(Which sounds a lot like they posed in a bikini on the beach because that is what you wear to the beach...a bathing suit)

Clothes shouldn't define a woman's life or career so please stop discussing their clothes like they do and support their work instead, spread confidence!

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