Ladies Put Some Clothes On

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has scrolled through their Instagram feed and in the middle of all the vacation photos is one of a girl in little to no clothes. I not only quickly scroll past it in hopes that my mother doesn't notice it while she is hovering, but also because I don't care to look at the photos you post where you and your girlfriends are wearing skimpy clothes.

No, I do not want to see your half-naked posts on social media. I know you're going to get offended and simply say "Well, if you don't like what I post, then don't follow me." Well, it isn't that simple. Just because I unfollow you, it does not mean I can escape all the photos on social media featuring girls in raunchy clothes. The selfies you post with your boobs hanging out are not only distasteful, but it sends the wrong message to guys about you as well as fellow women.

Nobody is telling you what to wear or what not to wear; it is your body and ultimately your choice on how you choose to dress. However, you should be aware of and understand the repercussions that your wardrobe decisions will have.

You can wear what you want; it is your body. But don't expect your boyfriend to approve.

Don't expect his parents to approve of you.

Don't expect to have a lasting relationship when you dress like you aren't in one.

Don't be surprised if your boyfriend isn't happy with the fact that other guys are flirting with you when you are out in public because of the message your outfits send to guys.

Don't be surprised when your boyfriend breaks up with you because he is not okay with how revealing you dress.

Don't be surprised when guys hit on you inappropriately and make rude comments towards you when you and your girlfriends go out for lady's night.

Don't be surprised if an employer does not want to go through with hiring you because the company's HR department found some raunchy photos of you online. Do not be surprised by any of this because all of this will be the results of the pictures you post with you in revealing clothes.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for rockin' crop tops and shorts- it's a summer ensemble go to. However, it should be done in a tasteful way. There is a way to show some skin and rock what you got with class. Nobody wants to be flashed a peep of your underwear — or lack thereof in most cases — when you sit down or bend over. Nobody wants to get an eyeful of boob when you bend over. It makes people uncomfortable.

Flaunt what you got and be proud of your body and the skin you are in; be confident and work it, but don't be distasteful about it.

There is an appropriate place for your revealing clothes- social media is not one of those. Posting the photos now may seem like nothing harmless; after all, it is just another photo to add to your growing collection of online posts right?. In that moment it might seem like no big deal, but when employers find it, it becomes a big deal. When your family members see it and disapprove of what you do, it becomes a problem.

When people start to make negative comments about you and spread rumors about how you carry yourself, it becomes an issue.

I'm all for being body positive, or whatever the heck the latest "trend" is, but there is a time and appropriate place for your crop tops, or lack thereof. There is nothing wrong w a cute crop top or a pair of flattering shorts, but ladies please be aware of when you choose to wear these clothes as well as what you choose to wear in your latest Instagram photoshoot.

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