I have always had more male friends, partially because I have a twin brother and we just ended up having the same friends. I just always found it easier for me to talk to guys. The majority of my childhood best friends are guys, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

I never realized until I was in high school that there was this astigmatism around people who hung out mostly with the opposite gender. I started to hear that it meant you were either trying to sleep with your friends or that you were gay.

This confused me so much, why was it so odd? Growing up I never had anyone tell me this. I started having people constantly question if I was trying to get with my best friends, and when I would ask why they would think that, the answer was always ."Well, guys and girls can never be JUST friends".

I hated hearing that so much. Not once did I sleep or hookup with any of my guy friends in high school and that came as a shock to many people. The idea that girls and guys can't only be friends is a toxic idea that isn't the least bit true.

I think it's actually healthy for girls and guys to be friends with one another. It teaches you about the way they think and helps you to see life from their perspective. It shows you so many things, truly it does.

You get to see and understand their struggles and ways of thinking. It helps us to get rid of stereotypes and to really understand one another.

In college I lived with 5 other girls, I love all of them dearly but I found out that I just enjoyed hanging out with the boys 2 floors down more. You might be wondering why, and my answer is simple, I just felt more comfortable around them.

They made me laugh like nobody's business and we all shared interests in the same thing. It just felt more natural to me. Everyone gravitates to different kinds of people and we should realize that.

I think we should stop choosing our friends based off of gender or sex, and start choosing them based on compatibility and things in common. After all, who cares what gender they are? In the end, friends are there to make you happy and to care about you. That's what matters.