To the girl with body dysmorphia:

You look in the mirror and are disappointed in what you see. You don't look like the Instagram models you follow and you may have put on a few pounds since high school. You no longer fit into that size 0 pair of jeans and you have to try everything on when you shop just to make sure it fits.

Stop looking at yourself that way. Stop comparing yourself to Instagram models who photoshop their smooth skin and endless curves. Comparison is the thief of happiness. You are a woman, and you are unique. You're made the way you are on purpose, and you shouldn't let social media let you think otherwise. Some of us just have wider hips or tighter waists. And some of us have thick thighs that save lives. Stop looking at calories and the number on the scale. As long as you are happy with what you look like and feel comfortable, that's all that matters. Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to building your self esteem. If we all looked the same, there'd be no beauty in the world. Everyone looking different and being unique is what makes us all so beautiful.

Everyday I go somewhere I people watch, and I am amazed at how different everyone looks. We're all made the same, made up of the same organs and insides, same mammals, yet we all look SO different. It's amazing!

Learn to appreciate what makes you different. Whether it's gapped teeth, freckles, broad shoulders, or whatever the case may be. Different is unique. Unique is beautiful.