Watching sports is one thing, but truly understanding the game is another—especially if you're a girl. I probably have both my ballet background and my brother, a college-recruited basketball player, to thank for helping me see the dance-connections and learn about sports (mainly football and basketball). Many people are surprised by the fact that I take such interest! Here is a list of things NOT to say to a girl who loves sports.

1. Do you like sports or the athletes that play?

While many athletes are certainly good-looking and charming in their own ways, they are not the reason I take such interest in watching. I find the movements – both in basketball and football—extremely relatable to dance. They seem to mimic dancing in their explosive jumps and choreographed plays. I also just enjoy an exciting game and cheering for a team, like ANY OTHER sports fan.

2. Do you even know what a touchdown (or a 3-pointer, field goal, etc.) is?

Obvi. First of all, a touchdown is in football. Second of all, how can you not know? Keep your eye on the ball and when it reaches an endzone in the hands of a football player, you know that team has scored a touchdown—which is 6 points, not 7. A team reaches the full 7 after a PAT (point after touchdown) OR 8 points if they have a two-point conversion.

3. Name a player on this team

A girl is always quizzed on team names and players. She may only be able to name a few players, or she may be able to name an entire team. Either way, she will be quizzed to prove her knowledge and status as a true fan.

4. You only like this team because of the colors

Yes, while aesthetics is always a plus, a team's colors are not usually the reason a girl who truly gets the sport, likes the team. This goes for all genders—not just girls.

5. Is your boyfriend a fan of this team?

Firstly, I don't have a boyfriend, so the answer is no. Additionally, can a girl just not like sports and make her own decision about which teams to support? There is nothing wrong with learning more about sports from close guys around you, but I can think about the teams and choose for myself, thanks.

The list could go on. But as a girl who likes to watch sports, I find it most annoying when others make assumptions about the reason behind my interest. I can like the things I like because I want to!