'I'm Single And I'm Perfectly Fine With It!' ... But Are You Really?

'I'm Single And I'm Perfectly Fine With It!' ... But Are You Really?

Some comforting words about love from a girl who's never experienced it.

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I've been single for about... 18 years. Yep, I said it. It's a long time. It's not that I'm extremely picky or have too high standards, it's just I haven't met the one yet. I'm single and I'm perfectly fine... or is that what I'm trying to convince myself?

It wasn't until high school where I was surrounded by couples and it made me think about how I've never experienced it. Constant third wheeling, giving relationship advice (even when you've never been in an actual relationship yourself — it all sounds too familiar.

Being alone for this long really makes you question yourself. Why doesn't anyone like me? Is it because of how I look? Or is my personality that boring? It also makes you rethink your standards. Am I too precise on what I want? Why do my options feel limited? A single life filled with insecurity and constant questioning is kind of complicated. But let me tell you, it is not worth all these negative thoughts.

You are perfectly fine the way that you are. Everyone has different preferences and one day, you WILL meet someone who will love you for everything you are and beyond; someone who will treasure your flaws when you don't, so hang in there. Do NOT redefine your standards for love, but don't set standards that are insanely high (no one is perfect). You do not need to stoop down to a lower level because you are desperate for something; one day, you will meet someone who's imperfections make them seem perfect.

I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend. I've never had my first kiss. I've never even held hands with a boy. And I'm perfectly fine with it.

Sure, I do WANT a boyfriend and would like all these things, but I don't NEED one. I believe that eventually time will do its thing and it'll all work out. There's no need to force it. Although it feels like you are missing out, in actuality, you're not. Fate is giving you more time to focus and love yourself. Life is preparing you to give you the greatest present of love. So in this time that we have, let's just sit back and enjoy. Don't rush it, don't give yourself a deadline. Love can't be rushed. These things will happen naturally, so let it happen.

What I believe is that you have to love yourself first before you love someone else. Love yourself with all your flaws and imperfections, love yourself for all that you do. If you were to jump into a relationship without loving yourself, it would not be healthy. Again, you would constantly be questioning yourself, second guessing everything. It's going to be like being single all over again. Love yourself so someone else will be able to love you.

So from a girl who's in your shoes (or maybe not), good luck. Who knows maybe you'll meet the one tomorrow or in five years (maybe you've already met them)? Let fate take its course and enjoy the ride.

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