All throughout grade school, I never really had a clique. I had friends in every class. They were there for me when I needed them and we had that connection. But, I was friends with all different people. In high school, one can say that I did have a group. We did always hang out together, but we fought a lot and there were a lot of sides taken and other basic high school drama stuff.

But in college, I met some of the most beautiful people and we all formed into one clique. This group of girls is my ride or die. Even though it has only been about a year since I have met most of them, I can surely tell you that these girls will be my bridesmaids, my phone calls when I need a break from the exhausting world, and my biggest supporters in life.

We always talk about how we all met and our friendships formed. We connect it back to destiny and luck. For example, the Quads are considered so unsocial and people get so upset when they have to dorm there, but we found our group from there. One thing I have realized is how different each one of us is, and even with our differences, we fit so well together.

Some of us have boyfriends while others are single

It is so common for friendships to get affected when someone has a significant other. The ones in a relationship hang out with their significant other all the time or hang out with friends whom they can go out on double dates with. The ones who are single bond together about their single status and start to feel distant from the ones who are in a relationship. We, too, have faced this common situation many times. However, we have always resolved them and helped each other find ways to balance our relationships and friendships.

Bollywood rules some of our lives, while others have no idea what we are referring to

For a few of us, Bollywood is literally our lives and when we all meet, we literally talk about the gossip, dance to songs, and watch movies. For the rest of us, we don't know those many Bollywood songs or know every reference that is mentioned. Instead of segmenting into smaller groups for our discussions, we update each other and explain our references. We don't make someone feel left out.

Our personality traits range from introvert to extrovert

Our group consists of people who are both introverts and extroverts. There are people who are really quiet and reserved. They open up when they are asked to. And there are people are the loudest ones of a party and so outgoing. Normally, the loud people would take over the spotlight from the quiet ones. However, in our group, the loud people make sure the quiets one talk and share their stories. No one gets overshadowed here.

Our majors are obviously not the same

Being college friends, it is pretty obvious that we are all studying different things. We all go to Rutgers, but most of us study at different schools with different majors within the university. Some of us are in the Business School and some of us are in the School of Arts and Sciences. These schools have their classes predominately on different campuses and our exam dates vary as well. But we always find ways to study for own exams together.

I am so thankful for finding my group of friends, my rocks. Everyone is literally one text away and always there for one another. I love these girls so much.