Girl let me tell you something that you need to hear today right at this moment, I promise this is worth your time. You need to ignore that guy that you met from that dating app or that bar downtown. Honestly, he's not worth your time or effort. You don't have the same dreams, goals, or values as him. You don't need to snapchat him back and tell him your whole life story when he asks what is up randomly.

When he asks "WYD" you need to move on with your life and he needs to move on with his. As great as the connection might have started out as you two just do not click anymore and that is totally ok. He has maybe said some things about his past that you aren't so sure you agree with, even though at the moment you did not tell him how you felt about that.

Honestly, life is truly about finding the one that suits you best, not your "better half". Just because you matched with him on Bumble or Tinder, does not mean you match with him for life. There are plenty of other guys out there that will see you for who you truly are and will cherish you. You don't need someone in your life who is going to bob up and down in your life like one of those carnival games.

If he truly does like you, he will accept you for all of your aspects, not just one. But right now, you just need to go and treat yourself to some Starbucks and listen to Taylor Swift. I promise you will thank me later after you go and do those things!