Gina Rodriguez is in the wrong For Paying For An Undocumented Immigrant To Go To College

Gina Rodriguez is in the wrong For Paying For An Undocumented Immigrant To Go To College

She shouldn't allow an illegal immigrant to get an education in our country.


The new hot topic in the political world is the subject of immigration. It's all that is talked about among different news stations, and it's very hard to not have any knowledge on it.

I agree that people should be able to move to our country, but it shouldn't be done illegally. If they want to enjoy the benefits that our country has to offer they should go through the process of becoming a citizen. If this were any other country in the world, the government would not allow immigrants to cross the border so easily.

I can acknowledge that the entrance exam to become a citizen is extremely difficult, and I myself as a citizen of the United States could probably not pass it. However, it should show who truly wants to be apart of our country if they put forth the effort to study and pass it.

One topic in the media that has bothered me that involves immigration, is the actress Gina Rodriguez paying for an illegal immigrant to attend college. This is something that I had expected more outrage over but instead, have seen praise on the actress's part.

Rodriguez had decided to use the money that would normally go toward her Emmy campaign to pay for an immigrant who was accepted into Princeton to attend the school for four years. As someone who is attending college and worked very hard to get there, I feel a little outraged by this.

My parents have been saving money since I was born to help me attend the college of my dreams and to see that someone who isn't here legally in our country attend an Ivy league school for free seems wrong. I'm not saying that this young woman didn't try her hardest to get accepted, but it's the principle of the matter in the end.

It can be seen that she is taking away a spot at this prestigious school from another well deserving student who lives in this country or one who is here on a student visa. There are also millions of students in this country who are trying to make ends meet so they can afford to go to school, and this girl is getting to attend this Ivy League school for free.

I feel like something like this should be more widely talked about. Instead, it seems like it was brushed under the carpet as the actress got praised for doing such a heroic deed. An actress who has the means to support kids going to college should help those struggling in this country first before helping those who are not here legally.

Immigration is something that is being greatly talked about at the moment. The side that is not seen however is the one where the immigrants are going to college here and getting a great education from our country while those that truly live here are struggling to do so.

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