23 Times 'Gilmore Girls' Perfectly Described Senior Year
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Student Life

23 Times 'Gilmore Girls' Perfectly Described Senior Year

When you realize the class you've always wanted is an 8:30.

23 Times 'Gilmore Girls' Perfectly Described Senior Year
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"Gilmore Girls" is the perfect series to binge-watch on Netflix during your senior year if you haven't yet. But if you watch the series, be warned. You will see many scenes that will make you think "hey, that's my life!" The girls know what it's like being a senior in college.

1. It all starts with telling the graduating Seniors goodbye

2. Then you realize you're next

3. But you get back after the summer

4. And see your friends

5. But then you have to register for classes

6. And the class you've always wanted to take is an 8:30

7. But you decide to take it anyways

8. And realize it's all freshmen

9. And then the first round of tests come

10. But you're torn

11. And your roommate asks if it will be an all nighter

12. Then you hit the point where you're looking at the next flight out of there

13. But you stay and the next morning comes

14. And the professor gives you the test

15. But when you look at the first question...

16. And they have the nerve to ask the class how it went

17. Then you have those days where you just can't

18. Because you feel the Senior year breakdown coming on

19. But that's okay because you have a Plan B

20. And if all else fails, puppy therapy!

21. But Graduation comes calling anyways

22. And you're finally out of here

23. Which gives you all the ~feelings~ as you drive away from campus

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