Gilmore Girls Revival: My Thoughts

If you haven't watched a year in a life and don't want a spoiler then please do not read this, because it is full of spoilers. If you are like me and must know how something ends ahead of time, be my guest.

I actually did not look ahead for spoilers this time, and if I had I may not have actually watched. Most fans were wanting closure on many things and to find how Amy Sherman-Palladino, the mastermind behind Gilmore Girls, wanted to end the series. But many fans did not find the closure that they wanted, if you were a fan who wanted to witness the perfect fairy tail of questions being answered, you only got partially what you wanted. Looking back though, this was created so fans could see how Sherman-Palladino really wanted to end the series almost a decade ago.

Most people talked about how we finally would see what guy Rory ended up with, and that's one thing I kept trying to figure out! It had already been confirmed that Jess, Logan and Dean would be making a return, as to keep it more of a secret. So in Winter I kept my eyes open and the same for Spring and at that point the only person we had seen was Logan. Who I honestly wanted to Rory to be with, maybe it's just because he's probably my dream guy, but I loved him and Rory together. So that left me in shock, the show was half-way over and still no appearance of Jess or Dean and things were looking interesting with Logan as he was engaged, yet Rory and him had a "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" mentality for when Rory came into town. So Rory was becoming "that" girl with Logan the entire stretch of the show, which frustrated me.

On the bright side, Rory was the one who we would all think had it figured out. When the series ended she was working as a journalist covering the Obama campaign, but it this revival she was confused and jumping from house to house with no job or clue of what she was doing most of the show. Which gave me a sigh of relief because if Rory was 32 and wasn't sure what she was doing then I should be completely fine.

Back to the subject of boys, Jess ended up appearing to come talk to Luke and sat with Rory, for a total screen time of not even five minutes in the Summer episode. Then the final episode came around and I was sure Rory wasn't going to end up with Dean because how could that happen in the short amount of time left. I was right, Dean had a total of three minutes, if that, on air. So I was screaming for Rory to fly to London and tell Logan to not marry Odette, unfortunately this never happens.

In other news the only other real change in the show was Richard having passed away, and watching the way Emily handled it had me a little worried. Whether you love her or hate her, you felt the pain. She even wore jeans (!!!). I was disappointed by much of the revival but Emily was my favorite part. She grew and left to Nantucket, where she actually kept a maid for the entire reign of the reboot. To me she became softer and more understanding, and she blew up on all of her uppity DAR friends (probably one of my favorite parts).

Lorelai and Luke are still together just like when the series ended. This time though, viewers finally see the two get married.

What else was majorly different? Honestly nothing. It was the same Stars Hollow, Kirk was his usual self and reinvented ooober, Taylor was trying to get another thing passed for Stars Hollow and of course Town Meetings.

The end though, not a fan. We got left with knowing what Rory was going to do, Lorelai and Luke were back together, and the only thing we weren't sure of was who Rory was going to end up with. That is what everyone was looking forward to, and all viewers were left with was the final four words that are a huge cliffhanger. I mean the show ends with Rory telling Lorelai she's pregnant. Obviously it's Logan's. But then there's the thing where he is going to marry Odette. So annoying, but there is a correlation there to Lorelai, which Palladino has called Logan Rory's Chris before. Chris and Lorelai always had that thing, yet were never good for each other. Lorelai got pregnant and raised Rory by herself. Logan and Rory always have a thing, it was more noticeable than ever when Rory kept calling Logan about any and everything that happened in her life. And Rory ends up pregnant. It's a full circle, which I heard Lorelai say more than once to Emily throughout the episodes in the revival.

So I think I am going to put the Revival out of my head, stick with the original and assume Rory and Logan lived happily ever after as Rory took the world by storm. What did you think? Leave your comments below!

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