From Gregory to Gigi, but Always Gorgeous

From Gregory to Gigi, but Always Gorgeous

One honest story that has changed a community for the better.


Gigi Gorgeous is a Canadian YouTube personality who currently has over one million subscribers. Although widely known for her beauty-related YouTube videos, Gigi's story goes much deeper than simply being a social media sensation.

Gigi Gorgeous was born Gregory Lazzarato on April 20, 1992 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Gigi (then Gregory) was raised in the suburb of Mississauga in Toronto. Upon graduating Etobicoke High School in 2010, Gregory went on to pursue a degree in fashion, but left George Brown College to focus on a YouTube career. This YouTube career initially started with Gregory being a proud gay male that took a liking to make up. Many of her first videos were makeup tutorials, or those that showcased her friends.

Gregory's YouTube channel took a turn in December 2013, when Gigi announced (in her video called I Am Transgender) that she has embarked on the journey to become a woman. Since said announcement, Gigi has undergone various procedures: electrolysis to remove hair, tracheal shave to reduce the prominence of an Adam 's apple, hormone replacement therapy and facial feminization surgery to acquire a more feminine aesthetic and, finally, a breast augmentation to complete her new look.

Gigi has become an inspiration to many individuals that have started their own transgender journey. By sharing her story with the world she has made an immense impact on the transgender community. Gigi opened up and explained her journey, showing how her transition has changed her life for the better. GiGi has also become a staple in spreading more information about what it means to be transgender. By having the courage to describe her step by step transition, many people (like me), now have a better understanding of what the transgender journey entails.

Gigi Gorgeous exemplifies what an icon in our society should represent. She is honest, brave, and inspirational. By having the courage to share her story with the world, Gigi has made a lasting impact on many individuals and will continue to do so in the future.

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