Gifts For The Special Music-lover In Your Life
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Gifts For The Special Music-lover In Your Life

When you want to show them they're special to you.

Gifts For The Special Music-lover In Your Life

Sometimes it might be hard to pick out a gift for that special person in your life that really enjoys and appreciates music. Sometimes, they could be really particular about the kinds of music that they’ll listen to, so ask around. Strike up a conversation with them and I’m sure they will love that you’re taking an interest in their taste of music. Or if you like to take chances, or in fact already know what they like and are stumped, check out my list of possibilities.

1. A headphone splitter

What better way is there to tell your music friend that you enjoy their music by giving them an opportunity to share it with you from their phone while listening too?

2. Records/CDs

I know someone who has a record player, and he actually prefers records to CDs. In case your friend doesn’t have a record player, you may want to consider that as a gift as well.

3. Music-Inspired painting quotes

They’ll appreciate the visual representation of their musical love.

4. Jewelry

So this area is mostly dominated by girls, but there are pick holder pendants for anyone who doesn’t mind the necklace look.

5. Clothes

Band T-Shirts, socks, ties, sweatpants. Go crazy here because the possibilities are endless.

6. Guitar Accessories

Guitar straps and picks are always appreciated. And don’t forget the tuners, the guitar strings and pedals.

7. Headphones

Why not?

8. Gift Cards

This one is especially good if you’re not sure on what style of music is their favorite, but it means so much if you surprise them with their favorite album.

9. Pick punch

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]

Pretty cool, right?! Why purchase picks when you can make your own?

10. Drumsticks

They always break so extra sets of sticks are a great way to go if your friend loves the drums.

11. Alarm Clock

Shaped like a drummer playing on his set? Any music-lover will love it!

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