I Want A Trip Abroad For My 19th Birthday

I Want A Trip Abroad For My 19th Birthday

Let me travel the world, Mom! Please?!


My birthday is coming up (it's like 2 months away), and I have been thinking about the things that I want to do with my life. I have been thinking about the experiences I've lacked or haven't had the opportunity to have yet. Also, I have been thinking about my hopes and aspirations and the conversations I want to be having with people.

In the beginning of 2018, my biggest goal and mission was to change the world. It's something that I've always wanted to do, but 2018 was the year that I really started to embark and take strides towards achieving that goal. I have done this by going on a service trip, doing service projects and really giving back to the communities around me.

Since college is over and I have been home, I have realized that I don't have a passport. Also, I realized that I haven't been out of the United States. I don't like that I've stayed in the United States my whole life and that I have only been off the East Coast once.

I want to travel the world and I want to explore countries and see what life outside of the United States is like. I want to embrace that culture shock and immerse myself in the culture of another country. I guess I have been hit with the travel bug because part of me feels trapped in a sense, where in order to grow more, I need to see more of the world.

If I want to change the world, I should probably see more of the world. That makes sense, right? However, traveling is expensive, and it is something that I know I cannot afford anytime soon.

That is why, I want a trip outside of the country for my birthday. I want to see outside of the United States, even if that is over the border in Canada. I just want to experience a different culture, and I am at an age where I can fully do that.

Being young is a blessing and a curse because you have the energy and time to do things like traveling, but a lot of us tend to lack the funds to do that because it is costly.

I know this is a BIG REQUEST, which is why I'd want to be a Christmas and a birthday present. I am someone who wants to have experiences now, and I want to become worldlier.

Growing up, I kind of lacked that and I feel like that has made me shielded from the severity of the world issues going on. Granted, I feared going on planes and I would cry every single time I had to go on a flight when I was little. Yeah, I was that kid.

Times have changed, I've changed and now flying is no big deal to me. I still get scared if there's turbulence, but I think it's time for me to see the real world. I want to see the world issues (some of them), first hand and to gain a better understanding of them through that.

Also, the worldlier you become the more you can relate to people and be a better leader and person. That is something I strive for, which is why I really want this birthday/Christmas present.

Mom and Dad, please give this to me. Thanks!

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Poetry On Odyssey: Opposition

A poem about floating


The stars are my solace and the ocean is my home.

I float here, dangling between two separate universes that move in tandem around my soul,

both of whom are equally a part of me.

Resting in the ripples of the sea, face towards an eternal night sky,

the waves stagnate and the planets dissolve into the abyss,

the world stops moving, the peace of floating fades away.

The cold darkness of the water mimics that of the sky,

They are the same yet so unequivocally differentAt times,

the difference is what keeps me atop the tide,

but others it brings about a defining solitude that is met with a choice,

A choice between feeding into my deepest fears, diving past desire, arms outstretched,

praying for the inevitable bottom or propelling myself towards the ephemeral yet fleeting clarity of the constellations,

where far off galaxies are my closest neighbor,

with the inevitable flow of life pushing me forward.

So now as I meet this cross current for the last time, I sink into the stars,

searching for a comet to propel me home,

the universe is waiting.

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