Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Review
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Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Review

The Ben Carson Story Review

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Review

Many argue that the movie, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, is one of the most transparent and brilliant movies. It portrays a story of a world-famous neurosurgeon. One follows his path from childhood to adulthood, portraying his struggles and obstacles tackled. Moreover, this story is based on a true one. Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon. He also is a politician, serving for four years as the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The story follows his trajectory through his career, and the movie is based on his autobiography. However, it took two decades to finally direct the movie. In this article, we provide the ultimate review of the whole story. It’ll give you insight about the movie, the morals of the story, and whether it’s a truly inspirational one.

​Summary of the Story

As an african american, Ben Carson overcomes prejudice continously. The whole story focuses on how, as a kid, his violent side shone through. Gifted Hands movie portrays how he struggled during school. He was portrayed as a violent kid who could not control his temper. To fully comprehend the gravity of the story, read through Gifted Hands summary to fully understand the struggles he went through as a kid. The summary of Gifted Hands allows you to peek into the Ben’s life as a kid, living with a single mother. However, despite the prejudice and complications, the single mom is seen supporting her kids through it all.

Having originally been a black student amongst white ones, Ben had fits of anger. He punches a classmate in the mouth, but his mother’s reaction was not the typical one. Instead of deeming him stupid or ungrateful, she insisted that he’s gifted. However, she also believed that those gifts must be nurtured. Eventually, they moved to a school district with more black classmates. Ben, in another fit, rebels in anger and attempts stabing his best friend. He later resorts to God, and finds inspiration by hearing a story about a missionary doctor.

Belief & Religion

Ben Carson was born into a Christian family. It seems like his mom was the main source that instilled faith into him. Through the hardships, discrimination, anger, and inferiority, his mom shone through. She constantly reminds him of the gifts God gave him. Moreover, she emphasizes the need to connect with God. Hence, the overall message of the movie is to focus on God’s will. For instance, through the summary of Gifted Hands, one understands the true moral of the story. It emphasizes that believing one is inferior and undeserving is not the way to pursue your life.

Hence, we see Ben Carson, an angry teenager, resort to his mom for comfort. His mom focuses on the religious aspect of life, taking him to church and urging him to believe in a greater purpose. Overcoming prejudice is a recurring theme throughout the movie. Hence, one learns that settling for what you have is not the way. Instead, focusing on what you can do, improving your skills, and believing in a greater purpose can lead you to a brighter future.

Strong Family Relations

Coming from a broken home, one would assume that Ben Carson wouldn’t have the support. However, his mother was nothing less than supportive. She insisted that Ben follows a path different from hers. Hence, she portrayed examples of how he can excel, and she insisted that he follows paths and opportunities she never had. When reading some Gifted Hands discussion questions, some argue that his mother was the tipping point in his life. She emphasized working on creativity, knowledge, and creativity. She kept attempting to provide better opportunities for him, as she saw the potential to excel.

Surgical Capabilities

You might have stumbled upon a research paper or a blog post about the wonders of Ben Carson’s surgical abilities. John Hopkins, where Ben Carson used to work, published a paper in 2004, explaining the wonders of the surgery. He’s well-known for this surgery, as he worked on separating two German twins who were connected together. These babies were joined through a blood vessel at the back of their heads. The reason this news was spread worldwide is because he was the first doctor to attempt such a surgery.

Hidden Surgical Complications

Ben Carson, as a neurologist, was then known for attempting much riskier surgeries that other doctors would never agree to. In total, he took part in the separation of five conjoined twins. However, the movie and his book lack to portray the effects of what happens post surgeries. For instance, those initial German twins did not go on to lead normal lives. There were numerous complications, which were details left out by Ben Carson himself. Even a summary of the Gifted Hands chapter summary about the surgery, there was a lack of details in any post-surgery mishaps.

True Nature of Ben Carson

However, his story portrays him as a hero-like figure. Many describe him as calm and collected, even in the face of furious families. Throughout his story, one witnesses his miraculous surgeries. However, you also witness him simply looking after kids, handling situations, and being part of more complicated operations. Hence, it doesn’t simply highlight the toughest part. Rather, it portrays Ben Carson’s ability to balance all aspects of being a neurosurgeon.

Bottom Line: A Review of the Ben Carson Gifted Hands Story

This story is aimed to touch lives and inspire those who struggle in the face of adversity. The summary provides a surface-level intel on what happens throughout the whole story. However, to fully comprehend the emotional gravity of it, one must watch the movie.

However, keep in mind that it shines a light on miracles. Many of the events that take place center about God and the power one has when believing in him. Hence, one might believe it is an overexaggeration of how things truly are in life. Regardless, the Ben Carson story, Gifted Hands, teaches people that fighting through struggles has the potential to create beautiful outcomes. Hence, one must be resilient and strive for more instead of settling for what they have.

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