Christmas is just around the corner, and if someone you feel the need to buy a gift for is in college you might be wondering what could I get them that they would actually need? Gift giving can be hard, and if you want to give a gift that will genuinely be used then it's even harder. Here are 12 gift ideas for your beloved college student:

12. Food

All food is good food.

11. Bath Stuff

Nothing feels better than laying in a tub full of bubbles.

10. Toilet Paper

Everyone needs it. We probably forgot to buy it.

9. Netflix/Hulu

Your college student probably watches Netflix or Hulu and would probably love to not have to pay for it for a few months.

8. Cleaning Supplies

We need to clean our rooms but we may not always go out and buy the mop ourselves.

7. Caffeine

Find out how your college student likes their caffeine (coffee or energy drinks) and stock them up on that.

6. Technology

If they like technology and you are monetarily inclined you might want to get them things for a laptop, a gaming system, or a phone.

5. Dollar Shave Club

For a few dollars your college student will not have to worry about having a dull razor.

4. Pandora/Spotify

Your college student probably listens to music while studying. Buying a subscription to Spotify or Pandora makes it easier to listen to the music they love.

3. Gas Cards

Use this to subtlely drop hints they need to come over and visit more often.

2. Gift Cards

If you know where your college students shops/eats you can't really go wrong with gift cards.

1. Money

A classic your college student is sure to love!