As we approach this holiday season, wether you are buying for Christmas or a any other holiday you are going to need a gift or some sort of thoughtful suggestion. I love to give gifts and do thoughtful actions because my favorite thing in this whole world is seeing someone's face light up and know that they appreciate me and are grateful for our friendship. Because let's face it nobody wants to feel like they have no friends or that somebody does not take their friendship with them seriously. When I go out to shop, I always have leaned toward the most expensive thing, wanting to catch their eye with how great this gift is, but in reality I have to remind myself that it is not how much to spend but how much thought you put into the gift is what the receiver is really going to feel. My go to holiday gift is always a candle, you can get candles practically anywhere but if you want to get a great candle for half the price, Curio in downtown Starkville has a "sale rack". The sale rack is where if one thing is wrong about the candle, it is placed on the sale rack. I can NEVER find anything wrong with the candles, so I always stock up on these a happies for my friends. Another gift I love to give is a small piece of pottery. I live so close to the pottery warehouses of Mccarty and Peter pottery that i can drive over there in no time. Their little pinch pots and animals are very fairly priced and so that is another thing that I LOVE to give. Lastly, if you are going to a friendsgiving and do not really want to bring a gift, ask if you can bring a dish instead. A casserole is so easy to make and it really relieves some of the pressure on the host. Remember during this season of giving that it is not what the gift is but how you know the gift would make your receiver feel, it is always the thought that counts!