I've Been Ghosting Friends Before Ghosting Was Even A Thing

I've Been Ghosting Friends Before Ghosting Was Even A Thing

Cutting toxic people out of your life is hard but necessary.

In the short amount of time I've lived on this Earth, I realized that the more friends I had while I was younger the more ghosting I had to do. Call me a coward—because I am—but I'm not at all a confrontational person. Breaking up with your significant other is easier than breaking up with a friend.

What do I even say? "Hey, by the way, I think our friendship doesn't benefit me in any way so I think we should end it now?" "I know we had some good times but I seriously think that you weigh me down as an individual and I think I need to move on from that?" "You're just mean, bye?" How does one make that executive decision to cut off a friend because I thought friends were forever?

Turns out friends aren't forever. The ones that disappear with time are different from the ones that come later and just end up being horrid people. By labeling them as friends it gives off connotations that you have to accept every inch of them; the good, the bad, and the ugly. WHICH IS NOT TRUE. I had such a hard time stopping being friends with people because I thought friends are supposed to be there for you and vice versa. You give them more chances than anyone else.

However, you have to learn how to distinguish the good from the bad friends. The good ones motivate you, support you, and are there for you in times of crisis. The bad ones are usually the ones that weigh you down, put you down, and criticize you in no way beneficial for your growth. I had to learn the hard way and to be honest, there is no other way to learn this valuable lesson.

So I started ghosting my friends even before the dating scene claimed it. I stopped talking to people who made me feel uncomfortable. I stopped talking to those who made me feel not ambitious, worthless, and just downright wasted my time. In the beginning, you feel guilty. But after a while, you will feel like you had made the right decision.

It's the harsh reality all of us will eventually need to face.

Although it sounds like I cut people out of my life all the time, it's really not the case. I really do try to maintain good relationships with all of my friends but it tends to be hard when you have different goals in life.

Ghosting is really not the best way to end a relationship but we all do it anyways. I need to learn how to communicate or just choose better friends.

Please, if anyone has a better option than ghosting, help a girl out!

Cover Image Credit: Nacha Promsatian

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For The Friend That No One’s Heard From Lately, Please Come Home

Please, it's almost Christmas. Come back.


Learning a friend has abruptly left home is never a great way to begin the week, but that's how mine just started. Of course, I'm running a million scenarios through my mind, and I just don't have any answers. I don't know where he is, or how he is. Nor does his family, because no one's heard from him. And as finals approach, and Christmas comes near, I'm suddenly wondering how I can pause all of this busy world, and reassess what's important.

Christmas is supposed to be happy, but as I think of the end of November and the beginning of December, I begin to wonder if we don't rush things and forget about people. Do we even hear it when they need help? Or do we drown out any signs in a loud, hectic world?

It seems to me that everyone is quick to point out who has it worse. High school seniors laugh at the incoming freshman who says life is hard, and college students tell high schoolers they have it easy. Adults with steady jobs tell teens they're lucky, but you can even find the same amount of older adults who would overhear this and say they have it even worse, just wait until you're close to retirement…

I get the feeling I could live my whole life always being told that I can't complain because someone else has it worse.

And I'm not denying that's true; I've been very blessed, so it probably always will be. But, for one moment, can we all just please listen to people when they struggle, all comparison aside?

Just because someone isn't going through the most difficult thing in the world, doesn't mean it's not the most difficult thing they can take at the moment. And I wonder how many more people would feel loved and at home if only we showed genuine care rather than comparison.

So for the friend who's gone – please come home. I'm hoping by now, you already have. You don't have to come because of approaching finals. You don't even have to come because of Christmas. But come because we care about you, so many people do. I'm praying for you.

And for all the rest of us… maybe in the future, we should listen. Maybe we should be the first to text and check up on someone instead of assuming we're going to see them that week. I just wonder if that might keep more people grounded than we think, might help them get through even one more day at a time. Because people are so much more important than things, and that's a real blessing we should celebrate.

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