A Personal Essay About My Best Friend Ghosting Me.

An Essay Dedicated To The Friend Who Ghosted Me

Within the silence you've dealt, one is left to only predict, hypothesize and assume.


The first time you did this to me, I was worried about you. I wanted to check in, bring you water bottles and cookies to cheer you up. I cared about your wellbeing and wanted to help. I called the people who run in our social circle and I asked them if they've heard from you. They said you were fine, and I assumed that you were just stressed out about school. I gave you space to focus on your work. However, you were active on social media, posting pictures and videos on all your accounts. You hosted friendly gatherings, house parties and movie nights.

Fast forward to May. I haven't heard from you in a while. I graduate. You post a picture on Instagram. You didn't wish me congrats. You didn't say anything. Absolutely nothing. That stung me quite a bit, considering all of the people who I haven't spoken to since middle school sent their well wishes. Ironically, we talked about how I was going to give you an invitation to the graduation ceremony, a few months back. Now it seems as though we are strangers.

During this strange period, I was thinking that you had a problem with me. Perhaps, I've done something to upset you. But if this was the case, you don't have the gumption to talk about it with me. You'd rather cut off all channels of communication between us. I was left to wonder about your intentions. Did you ever care about me? Was our friendship purely transactional? Did you just grow tired of me and moved on to another friend group?

I shared my secrets with you and trusted you. I thought you were one of my closest friends. I didn't know our friendship could be severed in such a fast and simple way. But if it could end this easily for you, I guess our friendship didn't mean anything to you. These are, of course, personal assumptions. However, within the silence you've dealt, one is left to only predict, hypothesize and assume.

I cannot dwell on this for the rest of my life. I'm still trying to move on and enjoy my summer vacation. I still hope one day we'll converse once more.

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