Who Were On Ghislaine Maxwell And Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book Lists?
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Ghislaine Maxwell's Arrest Might Implicate Other Celebrities In Epstein's Circle

The Netflix documentary about the billionaire Jeffery Epstein, his lavish lifestyle, and his alleged crimes also showed us he wasn't alone.

Ghislaine Maxwell's Arrest Might Implicate Other Celebrities In Epstein's Circle

After binge-watching the documentary-series "Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich," I realized how much power a person can have due to their success.

He had his own island where he would allegedly fly out underage girls to take part in unspeakable acts. Epstein also was acquainted with some very famous people, some of whom visited his island. Epstein has been photographed with Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and other very powerful people. With so much controversy following Epstein's death, more attention has been on his right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was allegedly in charge of grooming minors for Epstein, according to prosecutors.

Now that Maxwell has been arrested and charged with conspiring to sexually abuse minors, the spotlight is on anybody else who may have been connected to Epstein and Maxwell, such as the names on Epstein's private jet flight manifest and the names in Epstein's "black book."

Hollywood is now starting to expose other powerful actors or directors who have taken advantage of aspiring actors and models, just to make them more famous. Harvey Weinstein had a huge part in this, as he had been taking advantage of aspiring actresses since the 1990s. Once one strong woman came forward, sharing her voice and the traumatic incident, more victims came forward to say they had a similar encounter.

We need to believe accusers when they tell us they've been abused, not just for them, but to also protect others from these atrocious and horrible people.

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