In a few days, I will be starting the next adventure of my life. I graduated in May and have been waiting to start my college program at Walt Disney World. With this new adventure comes big changes. Changes we all face as we get older.

Many of my friends graduated from college in May and are starting to get jobs and move away. One thing we always talk about is how weird it is that we aren't going back to school. We aren't going to see each other as much anymore, things will be different now.

My hometown friends are also moving away, we talk when we can, but getting the chance to meet up and hangout gets harder. All of these things are just a big part of getting older and growing up.

So often, I hear many people around me who graduated or are soon to be graduating talking about how they don't want to get older or grow up. They wish college would last forever and they wouldn't have to start "adulting".

As much as growing up and getting older is such a big life change. It is something we all have to face, whether we want to or not. It's a part of life that we just have to deal with. But, there are two sides to growing up. You can embrace it or you can hate it, you choose.

Growing up doesn't have to be a bad time in your life. It can be a little scary but it will get better. You spent 4 years of your life, maybe even longer in college. You earned your degree. Hopefully, that degree is something you are interested in or passionate about.

This is an exciting new adventure. Don't make it a time that you've been dreading for years. You're finally getting the chance to make money and experience new things. With growing up, also comes not only new work adventures but meeting the person you're going to marry. Or finally marrying the person you've been dating for years.

Meeting that person can bring so many other exciting things in your life. You can marry them, buy a house, start a family and start sharing new memories with them.

You're probably reading this and thinking, what's the point in this? The point I am trying to get at is don't be afraid of growing up. Don't make it a dreadful time for yourself. Look at it as a time in your life that you begin to make new memories for yourself and eventually with a husband and even a family one day.

It can be scary, but if you look at it as an exciting time to experience so much more it will be less scary. When I graduated from college in May, I was ready. My memories from college will never leave me nor will the friends I made. They will stay in my life and we can always look back on the times we had.

Be excited for the next chapter in your life. This is your chance to start something new and make those new memories. Enjoy it and be happy for your future.