Getting Two Dogs After Losing Four

Two years ago, as I went into my senior year of high school, I had a total of six dogs between my two households — all of whom I loved dearly. By the time I came home for winter break during my freshman year of college, I only had three dogs. Then, when I came home for summer break, only two.

Ever since I was born, I've had a special connection with animals — dogs especially. In fact, my first word was dog. Most of the dogs I lost in the last year were my childhood dogs who had been my best companions since I was around four years old. They're losses hit my family hard and I didn't think we were going to get another dog, much less two.

But apparently, I don't know my parents well enough because as soon as I got home for summer break my mom and step-dad started talking about getting a new dog. At first, it was “hey, we should get a new dog by the end of the summer" then, it was “look at these dogs at this dog rescue in Wenatchee" and then before I knew it, we were driving from Tacoma to Wenatchee to meet some new dogs.

I didn't know for sure if we would come home with a new animal. Especially because all of the dogs we meet were super sweet and great fits for our family. That was until we met a white husky named Sophie who captured all of our hearts. So, all five of us squished into our car with the fluffy, white dog across our laps and made our way back home. Sophie fit right into our family life, playing with my younger brother endlessly, cuddling with me and my mom, and listening attentively to my step-dad.

I was so excited to have one more dog in my life, I didn't think that we would get a second one. Until I was at my dad's house and my mom sent me a picture of my step-dad holding an adorable Belgium Shepard/lab mix. We decided to name the dog Tanqueray (yes like the Gin). She and Sophie have gotten alongside amazingly and have been great additions to our family.

With all the loss that my family has gone through this year, getting two new dogs has done a lot to sooth the pain. It was, also, very rewarding to be able to rescue these two dogs instead of going to a breeder. Both dogs were given up by their previous owners for a multitude of different reasons, but deserve a loving home with a family who will love them unconditionally for the rest of their lives.

Something that my family is more than willing to do.

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