If These 47 Things Can't Get You In The Christmas Spirit, Nothing Will

If These 47 Things Can't Get You In The Christmas Spirit, Nothing Will

Prepare to be excited.

The holidays are great, but sometimes you need something to really get you in the mood to really be excited about it. Here are some things that will without a doubt get you in the holiday spirit.

1. Listen to Christmas music

2. Make paper snowflakes

3. Bake and decorate sugar cookies

4. Make popcorn garland $

5. Go buy a holiday drink from Starbucks

6. Take a drive to try and find the best Christmas lights

7. Buy toys for a local toy drive

8. Buy Christmas socks -- They are only $1 at Target

9. Make an ugly Christmas sweater

10. Make mason jar snow globes

11. Make a DIY advent calendar for someone you love and fill it with cute little notes and/or candy

12. Light a holiday scented candle

13. Buy candy canes and hand them out with a little note to your friends -- just like elementary school

14. Make your own marshmallows and shape them like candy canes or Christmas trees

15. Make hot chocolate and add your homemade marshmallows

16. Invite friends over for a gift exchange

17. Have your own holiday photo shoot with friends, family, or pets

18. DIY your own Christmas cards

19. Make clay ornaments

20. Build a gingerbread house

21. Play in the snow

22. Make fake snow if you don't have real snow

23. Cover everything you own in Christmas lights

24. Buy big red clothes from a thrift store, fill them with newspaper, draw a face on a paper mask, glue together a bunch of cottons balls, buy a Santa hat, and make a fake but life size Santa to sit on your couch to make your whole family uncomfortable

25. Drink eggnog

26. Make Christmas cards for a local nursing home

27. Cook a regular dinner but dye everything red and green

28. Dress your pet up like Santa or a reindeer

29. Put a giant bow on someones car while they are sleeping so when they go to drive the next morning they feel like they got a new car

30. Have a Polar Express themed party: "Golden Ticket" invitations, Christmas music, hot chocolate, you dress up as the conductor and hole punch everyone's ticket, and give everyone a complimentary bell when they leave

31. Make a wearable sleigh from cardboard, put antlers on your dog, and go for a walk

32. Go to a Christmas parade

33. Have a "Christmas around the world" party and try to cook different foods and incorporate different cultures into your Christmas party

34. Go Christmas caroling

35. Write your own Christmas song and make a music video to go along

36. Experiment with makeup and find that perfect holiday look

37. Sit by a fire

38. Put in a DVD or watch a YouTube video of a fire if you don't have a fireplace and pretend you're warm

39. Make paper chains and put them everywhere, even if it's annoying

40. Dress up like an elf and cook everyone spaghetti with syrup for dinner

41. Make your own Christmas Wreath

42. Find cool DIY gifts to make for your friends

43. Learn the Jingle Bell Rock dance from Mean Girls

44. Set all the stations in your car to Christmas channels just in case someone tries to change it

45. Go ice skating

46. Go to the dollar store with a friend and see who can turn themselves into the best Christmas tree with less than $10

47. Put together a book or recipe box of your family's holiday recipes

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5 Reasons Why Your Siblings Are Your Lifeline During the Holidays

The holiday season can get stressful but no worries because your siblings will be by your side to help you get though it.

The holidays are a time when you get together with the whole family. No matter if you're related or not when you get a good amount of people together for any amount of time there is bound to be a fight and personality clashes. In the holiday season, stress levels are high which makes for an, even more, trickier situation and sometimes you just need someone who knows what you are going through and can relate. My twin brother is the one who keeps me sane during my time at home at the holidays and I am sure your sibling is too and here's how...

1. They are the ones who know to save you a seat at the Christmas dinner table.

So that you don't have to sit by anyone you might not want to sit by.

2. They can always save you when your family members keep asking your significant other (or lack of) and you just can't take it anymore.

3. They can be you're best friend when you're back home and off your normal college schedule.

4. They can help you shop for family Christmas gifts so that you don't have to do it all on your own.

5. They are there to annoy you because at the end of the day they are your sibling and that's their job.

It is the best time of the year and being with family is great but when the season greetings become too much to handle on your own you can always count on your siblings to help you get through it or at least where you don't have to suffer through it on your own. So, give your siblings an extra hug this holiday season and be grateful you don't have to go through this crazy world alone.

Cover Image Credit: Emma Grace Mayfield

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10 Perks Of Staying At School Instead Of Going Home For Break

Sometimes, college is just more fun.

Caution- I'm about to present a viewpoint that many college kids will detest and disagree with.

Alright, here it is... I don't like going on breaks from school.

*Gasps arise from audience, desks are flipped, people storm out of rooms, someone has a heart attack*

Yes, yes, I know it's not a popular opinion to have, especially considering how much we all want to be done with our schooling for life and just move into our careers already. I get it- breaks provide a way for students to relieve stress for awhile and relax from the constant pressures of taking exams and writing papers. Now, please don't get me wrong, I value taking a rest just as much as the next average college Joe does.

HOWEVER, there are some aspects of being at school that I believe every student needs deep down that we just don't receive when we come back home and do nothing for three weeks. **Disclaimer, this viewpoint does not apply to those of you that actually did something productive with your lives over break. Props to you, an inspiration to us all.** Nevertheless, for those of us who spent our winter vacations as couch potatoes, eating our body weight in cookies every day, here are ten, very valid reasons why being at school can be better than being at home.

1. You, guaranteed, won't get bored.

Hmm, spend the whole day lying on the couch watching Hallmark movie specials and slowly slipping into insanity or go out with your friends and do something fun around campus? Tough one...

2. You will actually have friends.

Chances are, if you go out of state to college, your friends all live in different parts of the country... making you alone and sad over every break. No thanks.

3. Your time is your own.

During the holidays, there are so many family responsibilities and things that have been planned for you, there's not a lot of time to spend doing what you'd like to do. At college, you can take a 5-hour nap, go out with your friends, or stay in the dorm and have a personal spa night. No one can stop you!

4. You'll have a somewhat-decent sleep schedule.

Going on break is the worst because you grow acclimated to waking up at certain times for class or work, which is all put on hold when you go home for a month. You get used to sleeping in until 3 PM and staying up watching Netflix until 5 AM. It's a brutal awakening whenever you do go back.

5. Back up, you'll actually have a schedule and a routine in the first place.

Those of us who value routine and keeping ourselves busy go absolutely insane over breaks. At school, we have our whole days planned out and a set routine that keeps us active. At home, we have uh... none of that.

6. You won't have to deal with crazy family drama.

If you have a big family and lots of people visiting for the holidays, you know how stressful everyone gets and the tension that builds over those weeks. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of hiding in your room to get away from Aunt Mildred's questions about why you don't have a job or a boyfriend yet, you didn't have to worry about any of that?

7. You'll have constant activities and events to look forward to.

I mean, yeah, Christmas is cool and New Year's can be fun, but those are the only highlights of winter vacation. In between, you're doing a lot of lying around and staring at the ceiling or your phone screen. Staying at school means you will always have events to look forward to, whether it's games, socials, parties, or even just hangouts with your friends.

8. You won't eat everything in the fridge.

The holidays have a tendency to add a few pounds onto all of us, especially if you indulge in Christmas cookies more than the average person (@me). Frequent trips to the kitchen can be avoided if you just stayed at school and kept up with the gym routine.

9. You only have to do chores for yourself.

When college kids come home, many of us are automatically brought into the weekly chores schedule... meaning folding laundry for 5 people, instead of one. Wouldn't it be great to just have to worry about cleaning up your own messes?

10. You have your own space.

Over the holidays, many of us are under obligation to spend time with the family or room with relatives to ensure everyone fits. There's not a lot of personal space or time. Staying at school means getting to go back to your dorm whenever you want and being able to plop onto bed and do nothing for hours if you so desire. It's absolutely beautiful.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash.com

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