The holidays are great, but sometimes you need something to really get you in the mood to really be excited about it. Here are some things that will without a doubt get you in the holiday spirit.

1. Listen to Christmas music

2. Make paper snowflakes

3. Bake and decorate sugar cookies

4. Make popcorn garland $

5. Go buy a holiday drink from Starbucks

6. Take a drive to try and find the best Christmas lights

7. Buy toys for a local toy drive

8. Buy Christmas socks -- They are only $1 at Target

9. Make an ugly Christmas sweater

10. Make mason jar snow globes

11. Make a DIY advent calendar for someone you love and fill it with cute little notes and/or candy

12. Light a holiday scented candle

13. Buy candy canes and hand them out with a little note to your friends -- just like elementary school

14. Make your own marshmallows and shape them like candy canes or Christmas trees

15. Make hot chocolate and add your homemade marshmallows

16. Invite friends over for a gift exchange

17. Have your own holiday photo shoot with friends, family, or pets

18. DIY your own Christmas cards

19. Make clay ornaments

20. Build a gingerbread house

21. Play in the snow

22. Make fake snow if you don't have real snow

23. Cover everything you own in Christmas lights

24. Buy big red clothes from a thrift store, fill them with newspaper, draw a face on a paper mask, glue together a bunch of cottons balls, buy a Santa hat, and make a fake but life size Santa to sit on your couch to make your whole family uncomfortable

25. Drink eggnog

26. Make Christmas cards for a local nursing home

27. Cook a regular dinner but dye everything red and green

28. Dress your pet up like Santa or a reindeer

29. Put a giant bow on someones car while they are sleeping so when they go to drive the next morning they feel like they got a new car

30. Have a Polar Express themed party: "Golden Ticket" invitations, Christmas music, hot chocolate, you dress up as the conductor and hole punch everyone's ticket, and give everyone a complimentary bell when they leave

31. Make a wearable sleigh from cardboard, put antlers on your dog, and go for a walk

32. Go to a Christmas parade

33. Have a "Christmas around the world" party and try to cook different foods and incorporate different cultures into your Christmas party

34. Go Christmas caroling

35. Write your own Christmas song and make a music video to go along

36. Experiment with makeup and find that perfect holiday look

37. Sit by a fire

38. Put in a DVD or watch a YouTube video of a fire if you don't have a fireplace and pretend you're warm

39. Make paper chains and put them everywhere, even if it's annoying

40. Dress up like an elf and cook everyone spaghetti with syrup for dinner

41. Make your own Christmas Wreath

42. Find cool DIY gifts to make for your friends

43. Learn the Jingle Bell Rock dance from Mean Girls

44. Set all the stations in your car to Christmas channels just in case someone tries to change it

45. Go ice skating

46. Go to the dollar store with a friend and see who can turn themselves into the best Christmas tree with less than $10

47. Put together a book or recipe box of your family's holiday recipes