How To Get The Life You Want

It's quite simple really to get the life you've always imagined. Well in a broad sense. Ultimately anyone's goal is to be happy whether it's through revenge, violence, making money, love, etc. However, often times people fail and live a miserable, depressing life. Why? Because what they believe would make them happy is wrong. Their way of obtaining happiness is all wrong.

I know you've heard it a billion times - "Happiness comes from within" - but it's true. The reason why so many people don't truly believe this is because they believe happiness is temporary and is only a way to fill the void within themselves. Therefore, happiness can't come from within as that would make it a possible permanent feeling.

Why do these hooligans believe this? Because any way they have ever searched for happiness has only resulted in temporary happiness since they try to find happiness in other people and in material things.

But this begs the question, how the fuck does someone find happiness from within? The answer is quite simple though. To be happy one must become a badass. But how does someone do that? Well, let me break it down for you.

1. Stop listening to society. Seriously. Some of these new trends are just fucking weird and crazy. 

2. Made a mistake? Move on. Stop thinking about the past. You can't change anything so why think about it. 

3. Take risks. Without pushing out of your comfort zone, how the hell are you supposed to get anywhere in life? 

4. Be selfish. Put yourself first. Fuck everyone else. This is your life. 

5. Get the balls to say no to someone. Don't hold out on saying whatever you really want to say to someone. They might actually love to hear what you say...or they might hate it, but at least you're not a fake bitch. 

6. Don't try to be or make anything perfect. It's overrated. The sooner you realize this, the better. Plus, perfection is boring and predictable. Be unique!

7. Do things you want to do. Not what others want you to do. 

Overall, you need to stop giving a fuck. I know that sounds pretty harsh but it's true. I also know that it's not as easy as it sounds. To stop caring about what others think and just...well...being you is one of the hardest things to accomplish. It took me years and would have taken me much longer if I hadn't gone through the rollercoaster of a life I've been through.

You need to learn to love yourself and not care so much about the little things in life.

Didn't get an A on an exam? That might not even affect your grade in the class, let alone sink your GPA. Wanna wear sweatpants but can't because it would make you look 'bad'? Just put the sweats on! Found out your friend is talking shit about you behind your back? Confront them and if they're still acting bitchy, say goodbye to that friendship. You don't need negative people in your life.

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