I'm the girl that promised herself she would never get too attached to a guy to a point where he could possibly break my heart.. but here we are. It happens and you can't help it. You fall in love and you're going to get hurt, because it's a part of life.

Don't look at the negative parts of the relationship, think of the good times. It may hurt at first because you'll begin to miss the person a lot but think of it all as an experience.

Sometimes things don't work out or sometimes you have to take a break from someone to find yourself or for them to find themselves. That's okay. It's really hard but I also think it's for the best.

If someone is meant for you, they will come back into your life when the time is right. As cliche as it may sound, distance does make the heart grow fonder. So if you and someone broke up for a temporary time, don't look at it like the end but rather as a break to find yourself.

Or maybe someone broke up with you for good. If that's the case, take time to heal and grow from the experience. Not every relationship is going to work out and that's okay. It doesn't mean that you're unloveable or that no one else can ever love you. You're person is out there but maybe it's just not their time to appear yet. Maybe you still need to find yourself and truly love yourself before you can be with that person.

Maybe you think you found the person you want to be with and they broke your heart. Me too, trust me. It's okay, it's a learning experience. You cry. You get angry. You self-doubt a little, but you learn. You learn to not always put your all into something until you know it's 100% real.

You learn the difference between love and lust. You learn to fall in love with your friends. family, nature, God, yourself, etc. You find love in other ways. You still may love that person or have deep feelings for them and maybe that will never change. Maybe they will have a special place in your heart forever, maybe they won't. Either way, they taught you something and you grow from it.