I get it, really I do. The last couple months have been anything but easy in regards to the election, the constant social media bickering, and of course, our totally unqualified new president. The entire nation is a little stressed out, to say the least. It seems as if our favorite way to cope with this stress is by arguing with our friends and family on Facebook. Much like our kindergarten teachers taught us, fighting with one another rarely solves anything. Instead of venting your frustrations out on social media, here are five things you can do to really make your voice heard.

1. Get Involved In A Cause That Means Something To You

Upset that the newly elected president refuses to believe in climate change? Sign the climate change action pledge here. And if that wasn't enough to satisfy you, you can volunteer at Next Gen Climate to help make our home sustainable for decades to come.

Do you believe in affordable birth control, affordable gynecological exams, and access to inexpensive STD testing? If so, support Planned Parenthood. You can donate to the cause here, or seek out volunteer opportunities at your local clinic.

Let true feminist reign free, and show the world that you believe in equal pay for women and paid maternity leave (among other things, of course) and join the United State of Women.

If none of these inspire you, check out this list of social issues. With hundreds of important social issues, you're bound to find something that's important to you!

2. Take A Stand For Minorities

Volunteer at a local crisis hotline center. You never know when someone just needs to talk. Check out Suicide Prevention Hotline for more information on centers in your area.

Help those seeking United States citizenship: volunteer to help teachers prepare lesson plans and tutor immigrants in need. Check out the United States Immigrant Services website for more.

3. Get Involved in Local Politics and Community Events

Contact your local representatives to voice any problems that concern you. A simple phone call to your senator, mayor, or governor can go a long way in protecting personal liberties. Visit usa.gov for phone numbers and email addresses of your elected officials. A phone call takes minutes. Make sure you share the phone numbers with your friends and family members.

Plan (or join!) a peaceful protest for any cause that you feel passionate about. Create a Facebook page specifically for your event, this will help you get the word out!

4. Help Future Generations

Worried about Nancy DeVos as our new Secretary of Education? Hey, aren't we all? Volunteer at a local school to help tutor young children in need. Many teachers have extremely full classrooms, and sometimes students need just a little extra one on one assistance. If that doesn't appeal to you, join volunteer organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to help kids in need.

Join your local PTA for a direct involvement in your local school. You can join here.

It's important to support education, the arts, and scientific research. Visit (or donate!) to your local museums, National Parks, or any other society. If you aren't interested in visiting, many of these places are looking for volunteers.


This could go unsaid, but it shouldn't. Make sure you're registered to vote and make sure you use your rights as an American citizen. Be sure to vote in all of your local elections, and not just the important ones. Be involved, and develop educated opinions about what's going on. Not registered to vote? Click this link to register online.