I love my school more than anything. I love doing work in our little coffee shop on campus, hanging out in the dining hall, and even spending hours studying in the library. However, even though I'm at my dream school, I've realized that I need some time off campus to recuperate and feel like an active part of society. Being on campus can make it feel like you're in what I like to call the "college bubble", and the only way to escape is to go out and meet people other than your fellow students and professors.

1. To get some head space

Being on campus can be a little suffocating at times, and it is important to feel like your own person. Grab your books and get some work done somewhere other than on campus.

2. To try some new food

No matter how good your dining hall is, the food gets monotonous after a while. Don't forget to go try something new (even if it's just a slice of pizza!).

3. To find a little piece of home

Go find a coffee shop that reminds you of home or a plate of pasta that reminds you of the one your grandma makes to cure some of the homesickness that comes with being away at school.

4. To meet new people

Talk to the barista at the coffee place or the waitress at the restaurant, just someone different from the people you normally talk to!

5. To get some exercise in

For me at least, it takes half a mile to get to anywhere outside of campus. It might not be a marathon, but getting some time walking outside can make a huge difference in your day.