IT'S CAPRICORN SEASON !!! From December 21 - January 19 the true King & Queens reign supreme. You guys have had your fun all year long now it's time to step aside and let us show you how it's really suppose to go down.

I'm a December Capricorn Queen, born on December 23rd. I know exactly what you're going to say "AWMAGAWD! That's like TWO days before CHRISTMAS!" Of course it is Susan. Then you'll proceed to say "I bet you only get one gift for Christmas!? Because your parents count your birthday as both lol". No Martha, no lol. I get two gifts. Do you hear me?

I GET TWO GIFTS!! One for my birthday and one for Christmas. They're two different days of course I'd get two. It's not as bad as some people think it will be.

I grew up in a pretty big family with 7 siblings. Three of us have birthdays in December however mine is the closest. You'd never hear my brother who'd birthday is the 17th talk about how he only got one present on his birthday because his birthday is 8 days away from Christmas! It dosen't make sense.

Being a Capricorn is really the best sign to be. We're the only sign to be able to have birthdays that cross over in the new year. All the best parties happen during our month because everyone is home for Christmas & who wouldn't want to be the goat ?!

Step Ya Game Up & Get A Capricorn !