LinkedIn is the newest and one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door for networking. As a college student we are accomplishing small achievements almost every day and our future employers need to see our hard work. LinkedIn is very similar to Twitter but strictly professional.

Yikes, the professional part does sound intimidating, but I promise you that making an account will do you so many wonders. I think I check my LinkedIn feed more than I check Facebook.

If you have not already, stop reading this and go create an account so I can help walk you to a groundbreaking profile.

When you create your account setting your profile is the first and in my opinion, the most important part. Add your most business/professional profile picture. If you do not have a more professional photo, see if your campus has opportunities to get your headshot taken. Make your header an image of your hometown or the town you are currently living in, this gives a simple photo and a great conversation starter.

When you and your recent LinkedIn connection are from the same town.


Add as much information as you can to your information, but keep it current and relevant. Current employment, employment from the past four years, what university you are attending, what major you have declared, and any volunteer experience.

Next is to make as many connections are you can. Start with current co-workers, then friends, and even your professors. Everyone who has a LinkedIn is working to make connections and to find people that can help them go further, as well as working to help others get further in the professional world.

Saying "hi" to all your new LinkedIn connections.

Include your skills and endorsements. This is not the time to be humble. You got certified for Microsoft, include it! You worked forever in retail, include customer service! Be honest with yourself when including these because future employers may ask you about your skills in an interview.

I would post at least once a month. This is a platform to brag about your achievements, goals, and how you are becoming a working adult. Go out there and create your profile. You can become so much more professional and relate to the business world from your couch while watching "Gilmore Girls."

Get to work!