Here recently, there have been tons of viral posts about people who have seen women pumping gas while a man sat in the car. When I see people pumping gas, I don't think twice about who they are and who is still sitting in there car. I mean, who cares?

There's nothing wrong with a woman pumping gas.

A man is not obligated to pump gas for a woman just because he is a man. I am just as capable of getting out of the car and doing it as he is. If it is my car, I can get out and pump my gas. If it is his car, then he can do it. To me, whoever is driving is the one who needs the gas. Therefore, that is the one who can get out to pump.

Our boyfriends/male friends are not our servants. So why is it expected for them to wait on his hand and foot? Pumping gas is just a simple task.

I'm not a big feminist at all. I just think it's dumb that we still live by these crazy gender roles. This isn't the 1920s. Women and men are both able to cook, clean, pump gas, do yard work, get a job, raise a family, etc. It doesn't have to fall onto one person just because society says so.

Women are just as capable as men to complete such a simple task so it's time we stop ridiculing men while a woman pumps gas.

It's just crazy that so many people have gotten upset or said something to people because the woman was the one pumping gas. Does it matter who does what? As long as you have the gas to get from point A to point B, who cares who pumps it. Pumping gas is a normal, everyday thing if you drive a car. It's not even like it requires a lot of manual labor.

It's 2018. Stop expecting men to do everything. Stop making posts on Facebook about the "awful" men who sit in the car while a woman pumps gas. Stop criticizing other people's decisions to stray from the "normal" gender roles. Just live your daily life and move on. It's time we all stop arguing and causing drama over stupid things that really don't matter in the long run.