Gender roles are stupid and here's why.
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Gender Roles Are SO Important

Please note the dripping sarcasm.


If anyone read my "Let Boys Be Boys" With A Twist article, then you would know that this article was looming right around the corner. It's a wonder why people back then thought we'd have flying cars when, as a society, we can barely rally together as one to acknowledge the need for change. I want to stamp that there are more than simply two genders: women and men. There is also genderfluid, agender, etc. Please look here to understand more.

Before anyone says that gender roles aren't real, because there is always one, look around every shop and there will be a distinct difference in how people are treated. Naturally, people have different body types, but that isn't what's wrong and so strange about it. It's strange because of how the clothes are advertised. Young boys have simple clothes preaching how strong they are, how handsome they are, that they're a ladies man, etc. Young girls have layers of ruffles and spotted fake gems saying how they need a hero, how they love boys, hate school, they need makeup, etc.

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Every Mum

Newsflash: Kids don't, nor have they ever cared for that type of thing. Children don't even have a sense of right and wrong unless others teach them. They don't care if pink is a "girl" color and blue is a "boy" color; Not unless an older person teaches them it is.

Younger boys get exceptional backlash, especially. Though we all (hopefully) live in a time where seeing a little girl wearing shorts or jeans is normal, younger boys get in trouble- and especially their parents- for wearing a skirt, much less shorts when it's simply a costume in their eyes. For example, Megan Fox had backlash for posting a photo on Instagram of her son wearing an Elsa dress. One wrote: "No values. No morals. Promoting gay perversion. Destruction of traditional gender roles leads to a totalitarian society granting government officials more power." Another wrote, "Your boy MUST be a MAN, what a shameful time to grow up."

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Then, as adults, we have to see it on TV. People still get sexualized to an uncomfortable degree for the simplest things. Woman show as much skin as possible in suggestive "natural" poses and men are always shown with buff bodies and veins poking through. Note: They actually have to tense up to look as detailed as it does in the magazines. Some people are just naturally skinny or gain weight easily and can't grow that muscle. Grant Gustin, the main character of "Flash," was body-shamed for being "too thin" and responded with his own story.

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Thankfully, as we come into 2019, things aren't as strict as they used to be about what people can and cannot wear, but it doesn't mean this problem has disappeared.

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