As a dog lover, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein really hit home for me, and I will admit I may have shed a tear or two. Don't worry, no spoiler alerts here. I just wanted to share how my perspective on life was changed when I saw the world through the eyes of a dog named Enzo, who tells of his owner Denny's accomplishments as a race car driver, while paralleling the struggles of life to the greatest challenge a race car driver can face: rain. Although Denny is famous for his ability to control the car on a slippery track, Enzo reveals how Denny handles losing control over other aspects of his life. The Art of Racing in the Rain is a hopeful story about pursuing your dreams with resilience.

As I considered life told from a new perspective, I learned that life isn't straightforward. It isn't about simply staying on the right side of the road and driving the speed limit. It's also about self awareness, being prepared, and overcoming roadblocks. I learned the importance of actively participating in my future. You cannot sit passively on the side of the track while others pass by. You need to control the car. It is often thought that you must be selfish to be successful, but I learned that you must be selfless. In order to effectively communicate and build relationships with others you must be aware of their needs as well as your own.

The world is a complex place webbed with relationships and unexpected obstacles. With perseverance we can learn to push forward despite adversity. With passion we can learn the importance of actively participating in our own lives. And with determination we can learn to master the art of racing in the rain.

If you haven't already read this unique book, I strongly suggest that you won't regret it!