10 Games To Play On A Boring Saturday Night
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10 Games To Play On A Boring Saturday Night

Or any night you need to procrastinate

10 Games To Play On A Boring Saturday Night

There are so many things to do on the weekends. Homework, laundry, binge watching Netflix, going out, but sometimes there is really just nothing that seems fun (or you just want to procrastinate your homework) and you need something to do. Well, grab a group of friends and have a blast with these classic games.

1. Monopoly

I really do not think that the most classic board game of all time needs an explanation as to why it is in this list.

2. Mao

Mao is a super fun card game to play with a big or small group of people. The mystery of the game makes it so suspenseful and is even more exciting when someone who has never played decides to give it a try.

3. Cards Against Humanity

This game is great to play with your friends and everyone can have fun because every play is funny.

4. Chess/Checkers

If you want a big group of people to surround you, chess is the game to play. I do not understand what draws in the numbers, but people love to crowd around to watch a game of chess.

5. Yahtzee

No, this game is not just for you to play with your grandmother. Everyone knows the exhilarating feeling when you get a YAHTZEE!

6. Candy Land

Yes, this game is from your childhood. No, playing it does not make you a child. Yes, it is still fun as a college student.

7. Clue

Want a mystery game to make you think? Playing Clue gets everyone involved thinking about who-done-it and makes for a fun game night.

8. Parchessi

Most people do not know what this game is, but I promise it is amazing. It is like a version of Sorry, but way more intense.

9. Phase 10

Another classic card game, Phase 10 can break or make friendships with who you chose to skip.

10. Battleship

Finally, Battleship. A great game of strategy (and some guessing skills) that literally anyone can play.

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