Winter is here and so are our predictions. Preparing for the long winter ahead, a combination of predictions from myself, friends and family about what we believe is going to happen during season 8 of the world-wide loved television show: Game of Thrones. There may be potential spoilers so read at your own discretion.

1. So much death


" I believe that during season eight, Jon and Daenerys will have a child and she will die during childbirth. The Ice King will not only kill Tormund, but also Sam or Gilly. Arya may potential die due to her recklessness and prominent idea set on killing people on her list. Cersei will end up doing something stupid that results in the death of her brother Jaime because he will sacrifice himself for her. Sansa will have to kill Ceresi for some unknown reason and during the season finale, Jon Snow will sacrifice himself to destroy the Ice King to save those he loves. Their son will then rule over the Seven Kingdoms with his dragons."

- Jordon (Creator)

2. Three major key points

"I think three things will happen. 1.) Cersei will kill one of her brothers either herself or through the mountain. 2. Daenerys will learn about Jon being a Targaryen and get super pissed but they will continue their relationship. 3.) Arya's attitude will get her either hurt or killed."


3. Predication from the UK

"Honestly there are so many possibilities but I feel like a gal is gonna end up on the Iron Throne (so either Arya, Sansa or Daenerys) and I think Jon will die for good this time, probably to save his family."


4. Night King


"My GOT prediction is that most of the main characters will die in the battle against the white walkers, and if anyone sits on the throne it will be the Night King. He is the only kings who don't have any other conflicts other than the war. Plus he can change anything he touches. I think they are building Jon up too much, every other person who was king has died."


5. Rebellion

" I think they are all gonna turn against Dany because she is not gonna give up her throne to Jon and he is going to kill her in the end. I think Sam is gonna be the one to find out how to kill the Night King. I also think the Night King is either an OG Targaryen or an OG Stark. Jaime is going to kill Cersei as well."

- Emily

6. Betrayal


"Jaime will kill Cersei. I also think that Cersei's pregnancy is a lie, or that she will die before giving birth. Basically, everyone will die."

- Candace

While some theories are not as complex as other, one thing is common throughout each prediction: death. Everyone knows that directors and writers love to kill off all the great people, typically in horrible ways within this series. It can easily be seen that the writers and directors of the final season will kill off unexpecting characters in unexpecting ways to leave us distraught in our grief.

Do your predictions line up with any listed above? Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Will the Night King defeat those in the Seven Kingdoms. Share your predictions through social media or in the comments!