SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Game of Thrones"

It's no secret that is exceptionally hard to please everyone, especially when it comes to fandoms and a popular one at that. "Game of Thrones" concluded its eight-season show and it's safe to say that loyal followers were not satisfied with the last season of the saga. There were petitions and calls to rewrite and reshoot the final season (particularly the last episode) as fans did not like the idea of following the show for eight seasons and be given an ending like that.

What's the problem?

The writing in the last season may have seen rushed and/or performing under the bar but wouldn't a show this large have writers who planned the ending from the beginning? The major plot twists that fans were most angry about included Cersei and Jamie Lannister receiving "peaceful" deaths, Bran Stark becoming leader of the now-Six Kingdoms, Daenerys slaughtering thousands of innocents at King's Landing and being stabbed in the heart by Jon Snow, and then Jon Snow being sentenced to go back to the Night's Watch for murdering the Mother of Dragons (with a good reason, I might add).

Almost everyone wanted a mixture of Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, or Daenerys Targaryen to ascend to the Iron Throne. Dany became somewhat insane after King Landing's massacre and her tirade about setting everyone free before she was stabbed in the heart by Jon Snow. Actress Emilia Clarke said she had looked at speeches given by Hitler to prepare for the scene. At least the North became an independent kingdom (hence the now Six Kingdoms) with Sansa as queen. My dad correctly guessed that Bran the Broken was to be on the Iron Throne before the last episode premiered and my mind was blown.

Not only is calling for redoing the final season rude to the actors but everyone involved in the production. Sophie Turner, the actress who portrays the now-Queen in the North, called out fans for being "disrespectful." Another thespian Lili Reinhart spoke up about the petition. She made an excellent comparison to someone telling a visual artist how to construct their work after it was already completed.

While some have resorted to starting petitions for a new season eight, others have looked on the bright side and suggested an Arya Stark spin-off on her journey to the west of Westeros on top of the prequel series.